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Sean's Pro Race Debut Feedback

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Sean, don't let them change your writing. It's true to what you want to say, and we want to hear what you want to say. Before anything else, do something about your brother. Sleep is very important: ask Nicky when you see him.

You say 5 horsepower is worth imminent death by asphyxiation. What is a 5 pounds weight cut worth? Never mind. You're an artist working under rules imposed by the laws of physics. Rate yourself against all the riders who weigh about your weight and push about your frontal area. Hey! You win!

If Kawasaki doesn't sponsor you for the season, they're crazy.
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Well Done, Sean!

Dude, you're living the dream! What a cool (free) ride! Now I wonder how you would've done in the SuperTT on the KLX110, after all, you did have a SuperMoto. Great stuff, Sean. Keep it up. BTW, which one is Bambi and which one is Chloe and where are the MO poster girls?
Congratulations Sean!!!

Taking a bike that's 100cc down from the bulk of the competition, unfamiliar, and the first time in a professional race, and finishing 33rd (out of an initial field in qualifying of >60). And a well written article too.
The picture of the chick on the bike is cool, but who invited her mom? And what was that momma smoke'n?
Great article and great race. Had me laughing and envious.
Re: Congratulations Sean!!!

Thanks go to Kawasaki and the others that helped for your support of this project. That 636 Kaw is one hot "600". Sean, I'd like to see you on a well sorted out 750 in this class. Formula Extreme? Superbike? Surely somebody would like some publicity? Humorous article, nice pictures Eric.
Great Story Sean. Best story on the net this year so far. It definetly gave us a great inside look into racing. Congrads on doing so well first time out. Love the pictures.

Suzuki should pay folks to TP Mladins motorhome before every race. He looks like he has his game face on in the picture.
Glad it went well and the experience was a good one.
Congratulations, Sean!

Congratulations on your first AMA Pro race.

Thank you for such an informative and entertaining writeup.

I LOLed when I read "my girlfried was aloof as usual." Stay on that diet, Buddy. There's another sponsored ride in your future - maybe another girlfriend, too! :)

Put together some good fortune and a lot of hard work, and you've honed genuine riding and writing talent. Again, congratulations!
Good work and hang in there. Good writeup and sounds like you even snuck some fun in all that hard work.
Re: Wonderfull!

HA!.. you calling Sean "portly?" :)

Hmmm.. on second thought... perhaps something to this!?...

Lessee.. some quick math (which usually means 'bad math', but I digress...):

Bike... wet wt: 415lbs (err, near as I recall reading


Sean...'wet' (eww!) wt: 190lbs (trying to be nice, Sean-O)

Bike-HP: 120 (from the article)

That's 415 + 190 = 605lbs (OOF!)

605lbs/120hp = 5.04 lbs/hp.

Whew!, you're safe there Sean... 5lbs is worth only

1hp... so you can stuff down that Ultimate Cheeseburger and

just spring for the fuminous fuel. :)

Then again, an ultimate-cheese weighs about a bazillion pounds, or one metric butt-load, once it's in the depths of your pizza-prison, errr. Yeah.


Congrats on the whole deal though, hope it brings many more chances!

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Hey Sean,

Great article and congrats on the nice finish. I'm sure an Ohlins shock would've helped... maybe a top 25 finish? Next up is Sears Point. If you're coming up to the Bay Area, I'm rootin' for ya!

Horror story

Getting lost in the 909 is dangerous indeed. They all could have ended up as indentured servants in a meth lab.
Good article, great rider. Glad you did well!!
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