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Re: Wonderfull!

HA!.. you calling Sean "portly?" :)

Hmmm.. on second thought... perhaps something to this!?...

Lessee.. some quick math (which usually means 'bad math', but I digress...):

Bike... wet wt: 415lbs (err, near as I recall reading


Sean...'wet' (eww!) wt: 190lbs (trying to be nice, Sean-O)

Bike-HP: 120 (from the article)

That's 415 + 190 = 605lbs (OOF!)

605lbs/120hp = 5.04 lbs/hp.

Whew!, you're safe there Sean... 5lbs is worth only

1hp... so you can stuff down that Ultimate Cheeseburger and

just spring for the fuminous fuel. :)

Then again, an ultimate-cheese weighs about a bazillion pounds, or one metric butt-load, once it's in the depths of your pizza-prison, errr. Yeah.


Congrats on the whole deal though, hope it brings many more chances!

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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