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Second day of Castrol Honda's Kyalami Test

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Re: Second day of Castrol Honda

Hey, First Post. Honda is the Empire.
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Re: Second day of Castrol Honda

Can't wait for wsb2k1 to start. Edwards is going to kick some major ass again this year. Just saw the 2yk WSB roundup last week on speedvision. Foggy busted his ass trying to keep up with Edwards then in his stupidity he hit another rider dead on in a straight, some champion. Edwards and Honda are starting the dynasty. Did I mention I am from Texas?
Re: Second day of Castrol Honda

No once again we don't have Supersports here in S.A.Last year we had a three hour gap between the two Superbike heats,great entertainment.Kyalami

should learn from the new kids on the block Phakisa and Valencia.Also,apart

from just riding,it seems expensive to travel all the way down here to train at a track which won't host a round.Still Vermuelen is blowing the rust off isn't he ?
Re: Second day of Castrol Honda

You can say what you want about texans, But I'm from South Africa and I agree that Edwards will win the championship in 2001... Bayliss will give him a hard time, but Edwards will reign once again

And Vermeulen WILL win the 600s and Rossi WILL win the 500s
Re: Second day of Castrol Honda


I urgently need to get in contact with you, could you please e-mail me at [email protected]. It is regarding a new South African Website and Ducati's in South Africa
Re: Second day of Castrol Honda

Damit... I thought they have learned their lesson last year... If the racing was the same this year it's going to be very boring once again... Not that the Superbikes are boring, but the 3-4 hour gaps is just not a good thing.

There were some rumours that there will be an ivitation class like 2 years ago. That will be great, cause then I can race.

Leaving the Supersport guys out is just plain STUPID, they have much closer racing than what the superbike okes will ever have...
My dad can beat up your dad?

Yeah, you seem to be real intelligent.

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