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Sellers of Bikes, ATVs. Etc. Feed-Up With eBay Fees.

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Awesome!!! I wish them well!
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Righto. Screw ebaypal.

KPaul, good find.
Use craigslist. It's easy and free.
Right on. I bought 3 bikes off Craigslist and sold one through it without issues or hassles.
I wish them luck...although so far they have 9 motorcycles for sale! Not quite enough to make eBay quake in their boots!
How about ? I don't know what it costs, but there's always about 100K listings on that site.

Bought/sold 4 bikes through, no probs.
it's worth mentioning that ebay bundles in a good amount of fraud protection with its motor vehicle sales. there are a ton of scammers on craigslist, and you have to have a very good bs radar not to get ripped off, both as a buyer and as a seller. ebay holds your hand a bit more, but you pay a premium for it. i wonder if motoyard can become a happy medium.
Craigslist is a neat idea, but so terribly out of date that it is next to worthless. There are also very few craigslist pages, and none of them include central iowa. I'll stick with ebay for buying and local rags for selling.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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