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Sepang MotoGP Testing Times

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FIRST POST! The most interesting thing is that Rossi is about 8/10ths faster than Checa and 2 seconds faster than Melandri and Abe (all Yamahas). Just in case people think that riders are not important...

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2004 Predictions

I think it'll shake-out something like this:

1.) Barros

2.) Gibernau

3.) Rossi

4.) Biaggi

5.) Capirossi

6.) Edwards

7.) Hayden

8.) Tamada

9.) Melandri

10.) Bayliss

11.) Checa

12.) Hopkins

- But personally, I'm cheering for Edwards, Hayden, Bayliss, Capirossi and Rossi
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1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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