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My predictions for 2004

I predict that Honda will continue to get faster and Yamaha will not have the development $'s to keep up with Honda's development. Biaggi will be leading Championship points but this will be due to his constant podium finishes with scattered riders winning races one weekend and then crashing out of points on other weekends.

Nicky will win a race or two but will throw it down a couple times and cost him the loss of points for the championship.

Sete will be leading the championship but Biaggi will take it from him at the end of the year much like Edwards did to Troy with the 2002 WSB.

Edwards will finish on the podium but not win a race.

Rossi will be roasting tires and not make race distance often enough to win the championship on the Yamaha. His aggressive riding will just be too much on the tires as he takes the slower Yamaha to the front early on many races and then fades or DNF's due to tire fading/chunking. He will win races in the rain and the tighter tracks with cooler temps.

The Aprilia will set many top speed records but will continue to be unrideable.

Ducati's Capirossi will win a few races with the Ducati's doing well in the more open tracks. Troy will not win a race although he will podium a couple times.

Kawi's new bike will not podium and will continue to be a disapointment.

Suzuki's Hopper will finish just off the podium a few times and KRJ will be talking about retirement as his frustration with Suzuki will bring him to wits end.

Any other predictions?
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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