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Re: Now that's what I call journalism!

Oh lighten up for God's sake. Get a big black dog up yas is an endearment. Our content IS a bit light obviously; MO is charity work for most of us here. We do it for love and because people give us motorcycles and stuff. To compare the way we do things, to the way some other sites do things, hurts. Is motorcycledaily the one where they were complaining about FJR300 frame flex or something? That was good for a laugh. You know, anybody can throw up a web site and claim to be an expert about anything.

Fine, man. Abandon MO. You don't want our 5-bike naked test we've been slaving over for a month? What joke about mothers? Why do I bother... I'm done. Never mind.
1 - 5 of 63 Posts
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