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Re: Now that's what I call journalism!

The "It's only one dollar a month" excuse doesn't cut it anymore guys, so stop beating it to death. You guys have said for the psat month and a half that we would see all the stuff mentioned in the previous post.

And Z3 was polite about it...I'm sure 996R or whatever his name is will loan you use of his 'Busa in an expletive laced post soon, for the hyper-bike comparo (or Supersport Tour comparo, or whatever it was shaping up to be)

And as long as you're willing to curse out Z3, JohnnyB, where the F is my Competition Accessories gift certificate, HMMMMM!?!?!?! The emails I get from you all announcing the stories says new subscribers get it, but I think none of us did.

If you guys need some help, friggin' email me. I'll do whatever labor you need in exchange for room, board and track time for comparos for up to 2 weeks and I'll call it a vacation. Hell, I'll come up with my own food, just give me a place to sleep and bikes to ride. Don't think I'm not serious...I am.

We love you guys, but we need some beef. C'mon, Where's the Beef?

--Foxy wubs j00!
1 - 2 of 63 Posts
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