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Shaping up to be a Very Good Year...

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"notably absent from its 2003 early-release Redbook are all three CBRs: 600F4i, 954RR and 1100XX"

I couldn't wait for Honda's new $10+K CBRXX. A '02 Suzuki Bandit 1200S was waiting for me. Just $6,900 out the door...


'00 ZR-7

'02 B12S
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I find it VERY hard to believe that Honda would drop the 954RR? It's only a year old bike (actually, 3rd year going into '03), but Honda may have a trick up there sleeve or 2 or 8?

Re: Now that's what I call journalism!

So obviously you didn't read the whole post. Can't blame you, I tend to ramble.

Important points, in bullet format:

*I like MO

*I'm not leaving MO

*I'm concerned about the future of MO

*I think that MO has better, deeper, and different content than it's "competitors", a different enough level of content to consider them being in different classes - in my mind putting MO on the same level as the print mags

I'm not abondoning youz guyz, and I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to the 5-bike Nekkid test!
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Re: What about the 919?

Uh, am I missing something?

There is an "SV1000" - or at least something in that vein - the TL1000S. Hell, most people thought of the SV650 as a TL650S when it was introduced!

And there is an RC51 (mostly) powered semi-standard - the VTR1000F Superhawk.

Maybe those bikes fulfill your needs?
Re: What about the 919?

You're missing the advantages of a standard. No fairing means cheaper to insure and cheaper to repair. Upright riding position means greater comfort. Real handlebars mean easier maneuvering compared to clip ons. The superhawk and TL both are sportbikes, not standards and I would consider them if I could work out the insurance without selling a kidney but I'd still rather have a liter class standard that is liquid cooled and has good handling with lots of down low torque.

Thanks for the suggestions though. The Superhawk is a good bike but the short gas tank range is a turnoff. The TL is too much of a pure sporty, not enough of a commuter / weekend cruiser.

Re: What about the 919?


how about the V-strom? It has the tl engine

and enough oomph...

Re: What about the 919?

Hadn't really thought of that. It has the comfy ergos and the good power delivery. Don't care for the plastic but I might just have to look into that.


Re: sv1000

an SV1000 would be cool, I don't think they make TL1000's anymore do they? only TL1000R's plus the rotary damper suspension is odd. The 919 is definatly sharp but more paint options and adjustable suspension would be nice, I'm happy with my '01 Bandit S, but hot temps aren't an issue in Tacoma, cold and rain 8 mos out of the year make some kind of fairing nice, and air-cooling works just fine. I like nekkid bikes because you get sport bike performance, comfy ergo's and being able to see the motor, instead of being covered up in plastic. The valve adjustment on a ducati would put me off too, but I could live with a speed triple.
Re: What about the 919?

The primer didn't bother me...

What put me off was no centerstand ( I'm

in CA ) and those stupid high mount pipes.

Yeah, for the person that wants a playbike,

the pipes aren't a big deal, but for those

of us who like to tour w/ soft bags...

I'll probably be buying an FZ-1 as my next bike.

-- Michael
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Defending JohnnyB, new found respect

Hey although there is some similarity between this post and a post on Motorcycle Daily i.e. they both are talking about motorcycles. Let us be fair. Burns post is much different i.e the CBR under the seat exhaust etc. the Chicago show etc. I like hearing this stuff so please keep it up.

I have been critical of Burns for the lack of content but if Burns and others are working at MO for charity. I owe all of the MO staff an apology. ( You know I had to bold that it wouldn't be a proper KPaul post without it.)

The helmet piece was great cause Burns had the guts to criticize the AMA in print. Too many motorcycle journalist talk reverently about the AMA as if we are all supposed to be grateful it exists. Hey, they are taking our money they should be working on worthwhile stuff like Burns said.

I am looking forward to the fall Lord Burns to those shootouts. By the way, offer ElFaco a job he can finish his degree at UCLA. If he says no tell him its raining here in Seattle. :)
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Re: What about the 919?

Just be aware that the centerstand is available in Europe and can be sent over here and soon it will be available in North America. Also realize that what you see are the heat shields, not the pipes. I've got a buddy here in TX with one and after 2 hours of squidding around in a Texas July the heat shields were just warm to the touch. Check, he has chase harper bags mounted with no problem. Actually soft bag mounting on a 919 is less of a problem because of the position of the pipes and the efficient heat shields than on traditional pipes where you have to worry about contact with the bags .

Re: sv1000

The SV1000 is a reality acording to the rumor mill and the SV650 is supposed to get some refinement.
Re: Defending JohnnyB, new found respect


I should have probably said this earlier, but here goes: I was not trying to insinuate that Herr Burns was plagarizing anyone's content. That would have been stoopid, as there's just no way anyone can back up a statement like that.

I do really like MO, and I want to see them do well. I enjoy the content they do provide - I'm addicted to it and can't get enough! That's why I was clamoring for more.
Re: Now that's what I call journalism!

It seems the pittance we were called to pay for the content comes up once and a while. I have never seen the numbers, JB; how many paid subscribers (members) are there?

My guess is all of the subscription money woudn't pay y'alls gas bill.

Which, I suppose, will engender another "You guys are in the Manufacturers pocket" rant. I mean, how else can you pay your expenses?

Oh, wait... That animated Buell ad. I forgot.

One other thing. How much fun did *you* have at the SchantzSchool?
Re: What about the 919?

Just curious...what flaws did you hear of regarding the 919? I have yet to hear any complaints about the bike, and it's also been around Europe for a while now. It's only a new model to the US market.

Inquiring minds want to know! :)
I am tired of bike reviews...

All of these complaints about "where's my such and such review," are silly. There are not very many people out there who actually buy a new bike more often than every 4 years. The only reason to read endless bike comparisons is to soothe the ego of the squid. Personally, I like reading product reviews and modification stories because they are things I could apply to my riding. I recently neglected to renew my Motorcyclist subscription because they have been doing nothing but play up to the newstand squid. If MO goes that route, I will do the same to their magazine. I could at least use the extra money to pay off the guys at Motorcycle Consumer News.

I have to say that I am very excited about the new CBRXX. The '97 is getting a little ragged looking. Maybe the '04 model will be on order. I guess I'll just have to wait until the review comes out in Motorcyclist ;)

I hear that it's really dangerous bike to's so boring, you fall asleep while riding.

Re: Defending JohnnyB, new found respect

Mae West: "To much of a good thing is wonderful!" Bring it on....

AMA is taking who's money?

Who's money is the AMA taking? You and Burns aren't members right? They take MY money and I like their stance on helmets just fine. Nobody is 100% in agreement on ALL issues of any organization. The "I don't like the helmet stance" for not being a member is pure horseshyt. They also fight to keep cities from banning you from riding on certain streets, as the did here in Chicago when it was proposed to shut down LSD to bikes. They also fight for off road land to ride on and I can go on and on. You have NO RIGHT to ***** about them when you don't pay them a dime. Just keep your head in your keester and act like it all will work itself out. Oh, by the way having "guts" is fighting FOR something rather than complaining ABOUT something. All Burns did is whine about the AMA. Lots of "guts" THAT took. What do YOU do for motorcycling and what orginizations are YOU a member of? I bet nothing and none are the answers to those questions, which is worse than ANYTHING the AMA stands for.
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Re: I am tired of bike reviews...


1) '94 Honda GL1500 Aspencade (Bought new in March of '96)

2) '94 Honda CB750 Nighthawk (Bought new in June '93)

3) '99 HD 883 Sportster (Bought new in October of '98)

4) '00 Kawasaki ZR-7 (Bought new Oct. 99)

5) '02 Suzuki B1200S (bought new Aug. 02)

Extras: '02 VW Passat GLX (Bought new Feb. 02) & '99 Ford Escort (Bought new Aug. '99)

Hell, I'm already looking at the Moto Guzzi Scura...Ohlins all around..sweet!

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Re: What about the 919?

Forget that. I want the enduro-ized SV650 they race in european rallys. Or a flat-track inspired SV750.
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