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Shaping up to be a Very Good Year...

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"notably absent from its 2003 early-release Redbook are all three CBRs: 600F4i, 954RR and 1100XX"

I couldn't wait for Honda's new $10+K CBRXX. A '02 Suzuki Bandit 1200S was waiting for me. Just $6,900 out the door...


'00 ZR-7

'02 B12S
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Re: What about the 919?

aw man! I want a naked deuville (Hawk GT?).

V-twin, shaft drive, single sided swingarm...reminds me of what the vfr was...

the pc800, deuville, cb-1100xx (naked xx) - they have all the fun :(
Re: sv1000

According to the latest Japanese bike rags' gossip, next year could see the debut of a number of half-faired FZ-1 style bikes, including ones based on the GSXR 1000, the the 9R, and the 919 Hornet.
Re: What about the 919?

Hmmn. Good point about the heat shields, but

still, I have to admit being somewhat paranoid

about having my bags go up in flames while

out touring... :)

As far as the centerstand, my understanding is

that it can't be fitted to the CA model, due to

CA emissions. True?

-- Michael
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Re: Now that's what I call journalism!

I'm not a writer, but I am still a student, so writing papers is something that I need to be good at. How the F____ can it take you one month to write a friggin' article when you have 4 full-time guys (and maybe 1 or 2 more full-time gals) at your sleeve.

A lot of the dissention at MO is due to the lack of information. If we knew what was in the works at MO, and when it was due, and what each person was working on we'd probably have a lot less to b_tch about. But since we know so little so often, but expect so much, what are we do to BUT b_tch?

If you've made it this far, JB, I think you're an a$$hole.
Re: Defending JohnnyB, new found respect

Buy, Z3, your point that MD had the same blurb two weeks earlier is a valid point.

Maybe Burns and Company can enlighten us on how they learn about new tasty tidbits of news so we'll be more understanding when someone beats them to the line by 2 weeks.
HELLO LONGRIDE I AM A MEMBER OF THE AMA and there are bigger fish to fry.

I am a member of the AMA longride and I have done stuff with my employer to add more parking spots for bikes and promoting ride to work day. Believe or not I am kind of busy with Grad School, managing a team of engineers on one of the world's largest projects, raising two girls, and trying my best to please the wild Irish lass I'm married to. So I pay my dues to the AMA. But you and the AMA are really wrong about this helmet thing. i.e. your are wasting energy on it and Burns is right there are bigger fish to fry. You boomers really look silly on the helmet thing. Go watch any X-Games event you see any of those guys not wearing safety gear.

Once I complete my M.S. My goal is to become a MSF instructor. But right now I am kind of busy.
It wasn't the same blurb is my point Geez

Hey I remeber you and no it wasn't the same blurb go read it OK
Re: I am tired of bike reviews...

You dog I am green with envy. :) You got some great horses in that stable
Re: HELLO LONGRIDE I AM A MEMBER OF THE AMA and there are bigger fish to fry.

X Gamers HAVE to wear helmets, sir. Want me to send you all the skater and snowboarder and bike stunter vids that show sans helmet? Not a one has a helmet on so please don't tell me it's the norm because it's not. I see all the skaters in my area and NONE have helmets on at any time. No, I am not wrong about freedom of choice on ANY issue, and Burns is not an AMA member, so his opinion is of zero value to me.
Post your AMA number

Go ahead and post it. Also tell me what was on the cover of the last AMA magazine, also. If you won't post your number, I will assume you are lying about being a member since you never mentioned it anywhere. I believe someone else asked for your number and you never posted it.
You cross-shopped a Bandit and a Blackbird?

The bandit didn't make my short list when I went looking in '01...I rode a 2000 and I thought that engine and handling-wise the 'bird romped all over it- and my Blackbird was $9500 otd. Sure you could make the Bandit churn out more power and handle "better", but you'd be real close to the cost of an XX by that time, too-on the other hand, I'm paying more for insurance on the 'bird than I would've on a bandit.

I'da thought that you'd be looking at the 'Busa, ZX-12R, ZZR-1200, and possibly the FJR1300 if you were looking at a CBR/XX.
Remember the NAIS concept bike Honda displayed at Laguna in '01? Numerous sources tell me that it will be the basis for the new '03 naked sportbike from Honda (think possible '03 Super Hawk).

How's that for a nekked sportbike?

BTW, did anyone catch Burnsie's little "warning", if that's what it was - "We'll have the full run-down, with photography, about mid-September--if ****** doesn't shut MO down before then..."

Watcha mean Burnsie? MO going belly-up or closing it doors for good?
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They're not getting mine...

Actually, I have every right to complain about them whether I tithe to the Church of AMA or not-it's called freedom of speech and I thought it was the excuse du jour the AMA was taking for NOT wearing brain buckets. Furthermore, I doubt very much I'll ever become a member, since I don't intend to race, and I disagree with several of their current and previous political and racing positions.

You might also want to check out some of the congressional websites that specify what EXACTLY your AMA reps are fighting for (or possibly against), before you give them a fiat to represent you to your own elected officials.

I voice my approval for MO, and my dis-approval for the AMA with my wallet by subscribing (or not) to their publication or organization...I suggest you consider doing the same
Re: You cross-shopped a Bandit and a Blackbird?

Gotta agree that your cross-shopping proposals are more logical, but then, who is all that logical?!

Personally, I am currently cross-shopping a BMW R1150R, a KTM Duke and a ZX-12R. Go figger! I want all of them, can't have but one (in addition to the Ducati race bike I already own), and I am having a really hard time deciding.
Re: Post your AMA number

I won't post my number but I will give you the frame work.

AMA 2002

American Motorcylist Association

XXXXXX 01 1/2003



City State Abrev Zip

Member Card

The back says

I acknowledge the risk of injury to my person and property while participating in motorcycle events. I will rely upon my own judgement and ability while participating in AMA sanctioned evens and I assume all risks .....
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Re: Post your AMA number

The cover of the last issue is a guy on a Red suzuki SV650 "Escape from NY" Also there was an article on the Buell Firebolt. Sorry this all you are getting sir. You can call me a liar or not. Next do you want to describe the stickers we got in the mail recently.
Re: What about the 919?

Actually that is not true... The hornet 600 has been in europe for years but the Hornet 900 (aka 919) is brand new for 2002 everywhere. Couple of issues...

The chain is too long. If you look at a 2002 on the showroom floor the chain slack adjuster is already halfway through its travel. In Europe a few lucky riders have had their dealerships replace it at no cost with a shorter chain but Honda USA is still pretending there's no problem. I'll bet it's magically fixed on the 03 model if it makes here for 03.

Biggest complaint is the suspension. The kindest reviews have been "inexpensive but adequate". No adjustability on the front forks, preload only on the rear. Some guys with money to burn are looking into mounting F4i forks on it. Ohlins makes an aftermarket rear shock already and I'm sure it will help.

The bike is typical production Honda so fit and finish are great but the bike is running rich. A power commander is out for it and it supposedly greatly smooths the powerband.

If they bring them in for 2003 I'll buy one in a few weeks. If they don't, Yamaha will probably get my business for an FZ-1.

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Stealth is great

That's what makes this bike great, is the stealth factor. People think its boring when it actually beat a 954 from 0-60 in Motorcyclist testing (can you say torque boys and girls).

100hp and 425 dry pounds is boring in a 919 but 90HP and 400 pounds is exciting in a 600cc supersport. That's what's fun, teaching the kids the difference between HP and torque. This bike will leave the fast n furious racer boys behind.

Re: Post your AMA number

I think it was a Ducati Monster 620, not an SV.
Re: Post your AMA number

oops I am at work and my wife discribed it over the phone to me. Of course longride will say I am not an AMA member
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