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Short Riders: Finally a Way to Get a Leg Up!

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true, i for instance am only 6'3"
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While some might be horrified at the lengths people will go to, sadder still is the fact that the people getting the operations are vindicated later by actually getting better opportunities, being perceived as more attractive, etc......

Although since in the particular operation, all the height gain comes between the knee and ankle, it might look a little like you're walking around on stilts. LOL
That's from your lower to upper lip, right?

"Dong, who had been 4 feet 9, said she had grown 5 inches."

Hey who wouldn't want a longer Dong? VWW
I thought I saw an American girl getting this done on "I want to be a model" reality show on Fox.
hey how did bastard make it thru filter? u know i love u sbp.
Geez, at 5'6" with a 29 inch inseam, I don't think I've EVER been able to flat-foot ANY bike I've owned, but I never thought of this as a disadvantage. In fact, I made my living for 10 years pulling wrenches in a motorcycle shop between 1965 and 1975, and never had a problem riding anything (although I admit that tha advent of the mini-motocrossers was WAY cool. . . ). Trouble is, there have been a number of studies that prove that being tall DOES improve your chances for advancement in the corporate world, so in this hyper-competitive era, I guess this surgery should not be shocking . . .
Aw manny I feel it all the way up here in the sticks!

I wish I had the strength of character not to swing at those ephus pitches you hork up every once in a rare while but us minor leaguer gotta get in our licks where we can.


If ee cummings had been into text messaging, I think I know what it would've looked like.
I don't know about this. I mean, how would it look to have shins twice as long as your thights?

Maybe there's a crying need for sideshow attractions.
Damn, saw it a mile away and still snickered.
There is nothing funny or cute about the difficulty in "short" riders have riding bikes with higher seats. i'am an avid rider with a Bimota yb 10 ,M-G Centauro , Buell x1 ,Honda F4i and a few others.

There are thousands of us not to mention 10s of thousand Woman who also may be of shorter stature.

many bikes can have different kinjages installed that will make the bike about an inch or so shorter without changing the handling appreciably. My Honda ,Buell an BMW f650 gs ,Triumphs are examples. One has to search and find a dealer who is interested enough to make the sale as well as the catalogs and internet.

A customised seat can also take off an inch or so.

Finally if you can find a shoemaker he can add about 2 inches to the soles of many boots .H-D work best for about $40.(Tinos in Ottawa Il. does a great job for about $40.)

Between all the lowering and lengthing you can ride most anything.

Many manufacters make lower bikes for the japanese markets.

The center of gravity als makes a big difference in the handling for us "shortys"

BMW K 1200rs has a reasonably short seat and a low center of gravity. i will be glad to correspond with anyone who would like some help or has other ideas.

I "am not surprised at the Stupid remarks are taller brethern have made. They have done this since third grade and obviously have not advanced since this.jim at [email protected]
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I'm short, but I never had a problem reaching the foot pegs. You must be really short.
I'm like another poster, 5' 6" and 29" inseam. Many years ago I came across an interesting surety statistic. The average human male is 5' 6" tall. Even more interesting, for every inch of height above 5' 6" your average life expectancy is one year less. You learn the darnedest things from insurance agents.

Seriously, just about any bike can be lowered such that the only handling problem is slightly reduced ground clearance.
I actually heard about a Marine who is using this. His lower leg was shattered in combat, but they rebuilt the bone structure. It was missing some bits so it was shorter, so he is going through this proceedure to lengthen his leg to get back into active duty. Though muther.

On a motorcycle note, thats would be a creepy thing to see, like a warped Anime scene. The motorcycle pulls up to the burger barn, a thing with 3' legs and a 2' torso gets off the bike.
Years ago in southern France I saw a guy park his bike on the sidewalk next to a bar. He had one leg. He was short - they all were then - and he just made sure that every time he stopped, his weight was shifted so he could put his left leg down. The bike was a Honda 200. He must have just used the front brake.

So stop whining!
Not surprisingly, every reply about how having a short inseam is not a problem on a bike is posted by somebody who does NOT have a short inseam.

Try backing up a 600+ bike on tiptoes.

There are quite a few riders with inseams of 28, 27, 26, or 25 inches. However, bike magazines don't hire testers with inseams this short.
try not parking downhill midget man. MWHAHAHAHAHHAAAAaa...
How about some retractable training wheels a-la Wild Bill's Road Dog?
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