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1) I disagree with helmet and seat belt laws

2) I disagree with Substance abuse laws (except for regulating and taxing the crap)

3) I Wear Seat Belts and Helmets, because they work

4) Have had friends killed by (or trapped and then died as a result) due to both

5) Have had friends killed by substance abuse, quit playing with it a long time ago.

6) Have had friends saved by both seat belts and helmets

7) Don't know a soul killed/hurt by smoking weed (other crap is a different story).

They just get really lazy while doing it, but ok after it wears off.

You can't legislate stupidty or morality. Every time it is tried it back fires! Eventually someone is going to go to court and sue the government because a state mandated helmet caused a severe neck injury or a state mandated seat belt trapped someone in a burning car. It will (may have alredy for all I know) happen and will end up costing a lot more than the alleged 'social burden' costs that exist now.

We all know that this group cannot discuss this subject without it turning into a freaking screaming match, so lets just all say out peice, logically and unemotionally and move on.

One more thing, regardless of what you worship, say a prayer for the folks going to Daytona. They are entering something more dangerous than the helmet law fight, the GREY ZONE. You want to start talking about 'social burden'. there is a good starting point.

And I am not even going to have top be censored....
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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