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Show off!

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First post! See what happens when you wear the gear! He go up and walked away.
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You guys are all being sarcastic right? he didnt wheelie on purpose. He was looking through his legs to see how much of a lead he had on the guy behind him. having his head upside down probably disorientated him so he didnt notice the wheel start to come up causing him to react too slowly to stop the wheelie.

standing up like that while accelerating on a straight away will make the bike wheelie since it shifts the weight up and back.
On the other hand

I bet he made the European version of SportsCenter. How many times have you seen a Football TD celebration by someone like Terrell Owens overshadow a great play on ESPN?. It's part of the culture now..
You can't be serious.

"I was, umm, checking the suspension rebound by standing on the seat and bouncing it... I think its a little, uhh, 'springy' to be honest."
I agree. It's the whole SportsCenter thing (see my post on this page)... That's why I like hockey. Someone shows off like Terrell Owens he get's his mouth busted by the other teams enforcer.. i.e. Hockey is self regulating...:)
Re: On the other hand

Was it really worth it going through the effort of making a hyperlink to espn and Douche Bag's website?

Just wondering.
Re: On the other hand

I thought the Owens website was interesting from an audacity point of view... So that is why I included it.. SportsCenter probably was over the top..But some of MOs international clientele might not know what I was referring to...
who bounces the bike by putting his head between his legs. he's checking the rider behind him
also, the race isnt over. all the other riders are still going down the straight full throttle after they already crossed the checkered line.
But you have to admit, it was squidlike behavior.
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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