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Snitch ticket

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I would think they'd assume it was you. Unless it was a giant, then you'll need to turn in Longride.
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Wow - Big Brother's breathing down your neck. Scary!
Unless you get a 2nd notice,I,d ignore it.I mean,between the Patriot Act,and alledgedly ud Americans being spied on,don,t give "them" more .I work for "them" and you will not regret it.I mean if there was no violation, then wtf?
It's real easy to avoid this "sntich tickets"....just stop at red lights. DUHHHH!!!!
Also you may have stumbled onto something.More revenue?More survellience?
Contrary to the counter-culture mantra... The revolution WILL be televised.
Well now,I tried to google up redflex on my gubmint computergot their page,then kept saying error ,no matter what title I went to!hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Just tell em it was me. I'll tell em where to stick the camera, and then follow it up with the ticket.
this is actually fascinating. i can't believe they didn't just mail a ticket to the owner!

when i was 18 and borrowing my dad's car, i got a red light ticket from one of those cameras. they just mailed it to the person to whom the vehicle was registered and said "pay up"- they didn't care who was in the car at the time (even though it was very clearly me).

however, there were no points on anyone's license- because they couldn't prove who was driving the car, they downgraded it from a "moving violation" to the equivalent of a parking ticket. that's about as fair as it gets, i figure (except for the part where i was grounded for a month).
tell them it was Duke Cunningham just for fun. Or whoever the mayor is that got ousted.
It was definitely Mark McBride.

He's the Mayor of Myrtle Beach (SC) that is interested in "nudging" motorcyclists. With his car.
Re: Mailed Tickets

Excellent points, but just to be sure....why are you a "former" police officer? Hopefully not from providing bad advice!

Thanks for the info. You make good sense.
I was riding with 3 friends on Route 1 going to MotoGP last summer. When the four of us were told to pull over for speeding, one of us (the smart one) bolted. The CHP officer repeatedly asked the remaining three "who is your friend" and "where does he live". Um, officer, never seen that guy before in my life. Point is, there was nothing he could do for "withholding information about another person". They cannot coerce you into snitching. I'd just say that several people have access to the bike and it could have been anyone of them. Hard to say, really?!

ps. the reason "they" go after "us" is because they know we will pay
Re: Mailed Tickets

What's interesting about this is that there is no request for payment-just a request to confirm the rider in question.

Then of course a ticket would be forthcoming.
Police in vegas pulled me over last year,i was in my suv cage[small]/I could tell he was just out of school,young white guy with bald head,shades,tan uniformaka hitler youth group chcic .to make a long story short,he trumped up 4points on my license ,240 dollar ticket and verbal altercation!!!!On top of this I was wearing a Santa hat !Gues maybe being black and digging the christmas spirit offended him.WellI went got the old trusty camera,marked off the street meaured distances,basically I CSI,D it.When I got to court.I laid it all out for the Asst D.A. was dressed in my doctor looking stuff.And aced it.Don,t give them a dime or any info if you don,t have to.They,ve got too much already....
Just make sure if you do that in person you bring your electric vest because it dropped all the way down to 67 degrees today!

Hell, it's at least 6 degrees here! Show your face in Chicago so I can hit you with a snowball when you get here!
Re: Mailed Tickets

I would add a caveat that what the former officer has said may not be true in all states etc. Some courts have upheld tickets issued via these cameras.
I repeat

This is not a ticket.

It is a request to confirm the operator of the vehicle.
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