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Soft lower fairings/engine chaps

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I ordered these from a Canadian company called Primitive Leather. They are about half the price of others I have seen online and are very sturdy. They are also available with cargo pockets sewn into them. They make them for any make or model of bike with highway bars.
Review here;
YouTube - Motorcycle Soft Lower Fairings Review; Hard Ride Motorcycle Blog
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They are quite common down here in the Tropics. The GRP lower fairings, while useful, block too much air when it's hot.

So the lowers come off, and the chaps go in one of the bags for when it rains.

You'll note at the end of the video that the chaps are open at the outside. If for no other reason, that allows fitment over the OB/GYN pegs, regardless of their design or placement on the bars. I'd guess it also minimizes the damage to them if the bike is laid down.

Nice little video!
If you order a set of these, be sure to mention that you saw them on the hard Ride motorcycle blog.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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