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Softening a motorcycle's crash landing

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Great idea. I wonder how many will buy it and go helmetless. I see riders around that have full leathers and no helmet. Strange folks those motorcyclists or are they bikers?
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If you forget to disarm the system do you blow up like the Michelin man right in front of the local Starbucks?
No, you get inflatable helmet with the jacket. (matching colors of course)
I swear 80% of the Harley riders already are!
You end up like the kid in "A Christmas Story", laying on the ground unable to roll over or sit up.

I can still use the word "Christmas" can't I?
Sounds brilliant. For under $300 I'd buy one today. Hard to get a decent helmet for that. I'm assuming the basic jacket design is decent enough not to interfere with riding or anything. Looks like it wouldn't be any more obtrusive then a back protector.

Damn liability issues. Can we order from Europe? I have two kids. Riding would be more fun if I, and my wife, worried just a little less.
You probably have to attach some kind of addendum showing that you only meant it in a secular context.
Great Idea. Hard core biker wannabes could wear an inflatable bandana!
Re: There is a cheaper version

.. . you have to blow it up yourself though.
I might run somebody off the road just to see that.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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