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I didn't blink an eye until I read he did this on the shoulder and it was his second offense. I just moved up here to Portland two months ago, and was pulled over only one week after I got here for cutting two lanes to get to an off ramp. The officer said that he had been following me so some miles, and asked me if I knew I was going 70 miles an hour. I said, "70 to 75" was about right. (It was a 55 zone on a freeway. I sped up to pass). I told him I just moved here and nearly missed my turnoff. I notice he was a Beaverton Police officer, and not a state trooper.

The police and the car driving public do not like nor tolerate the "hooliganism" on motorcycles that Californians accept as acceptable and normal. Not much fun riding around here until you get out of the city. Then you can kick it up a notch. There are few troopers on the highways.

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The last time I went over 100mph some woman in a Chevy pickup passed me with a cellphone on her ear. If there'd been a cop around just guess WHO would've been pulled over.

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I was surprised to see the shoulder part too.

That really is nuts.

California does tolerate a bit more enthusiasm from motorcycles. You would be surprised at how much you can get away with on a HD compared to a sport bike.

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Just missed a White Trash death...

Ok, here's a story of when I was 19.

I was working a [email protected] job at TRW. It was the evening shift in Sunrise Florida (3pm - 11:30pm).

One of the girls asked if I wanted to go to Dinner during the break. She was new, hot, and seemingly unattached. So, of course, I said yes.

The unknown downside to all this; She was a crazed loon.

She decided to run an errand first. Which, looking back was to no surprise, was to pick up a bag of pot from some dumpy "friend’s" house. We get back in her mid-80’s, beaten to hell, RX-7 and she decides she needed to cash a check across town. We get onto I-95, which is bumper to bumper, and she immediately darts into the emergency lane accelerating to just north of 115 (though, I think the speedometer was being quite liberal).

She is now going 115.

In the emergency lane.

Driving with her knees.

While rolling a joint.

With a very large bag of pot in her lap.

I was oddly calm through it all. Mostly because I was trying to figure out which would be a worse outcome; The cement wall of the overpass that is approaching rather quickly or being pulled over by the cops that are tending to the accident just beyond the overpass that is causing the current back up.

At the last second, either by skill or luck, she cuts into a small opening in traffic with about 50 feet to spare before wall and car meet.

I didn’t die or even get arrested that night. Even though I didn’t get laid, I think I did a little better than break even in this unknowingly dumb decision.

That was my first real experience with the "crazy factor" that seems to infest some of the more attractive women out there. Chalked it up to a learned experience and made a damn good note of how lucky I was.

Though, it didn’t stop me from making additional (and many) dumb decisions in the future. But at least I always kept it fresh by mixing in new things. :)

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He was Late for work. I guess he has solved that problem.

Here's a link to the story for y'all.

Enjoy his photo.

The White trash story is funny - I never heard of my friends (ahem) driving 100 mph AFTER smoking. All I want to know is how did it turn out - Did you score? (which clearly was your intention.)
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