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Sonoma County Ride

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WOOHOO first post!

nice layed back article, but I still have trouble seeing the Olson twins being any older than four.
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Nice story. Adding a map is a good touch and a must for stories like this. Good job EBass.
You sure do publish a lot of stuff on MO for an EX-employee. But isssall good.
The staff has a favorite Chinese joint? Huh. Must be a Tuesday thing ;)
Dude - where'd you get that mapping software? What's it called?
Funny, I didn't realize I was an EX-employee. I just figured since I sell all the ads, write half the stories, get a paycheck every month, and have a stack of business cards that say "Vice President" on them that I still worked here. Thanks for letting me in on the secret though SBP. I'm always the last to know these things.
He didn't tell me either. Perhaps Martin is making the staffing decisions now?
Wet roads winding through the trees, looks like home to me.

It's nice to see and read about something other than So. Cal. hot deserts and canyons, good job
Probably microsoft mappoint. Check it out at . It's quite good...
Microsoft MapPoint

Probably microsoft mappoint. Check it out at . It's quite good...
Re: You missed the best road in Sonoma County called Skaggs Springs Road

The (locally) famous motorcycle touring road is a few miles north of Timber Cove and is called Skaggs Spring Road. Check for a writeup. I think it places it among the best rides in California for its sweepers.
Good job on the adds by the way. Seems like its picked up since you have been there.
You're becoming a North Bay regular, aren't ya, ebass? If you come up here again, drop by Santa Rosa and I'll buy you a beer! I can even show you some roads that involve something other than white-knuckle hairpins, crumbling pavement, and stray livestock...or would that be too easy?
those "drain grates" on the roads are called cattle guards, when ya see one that means you're on open range & there's no fence to keep cattle off the road

my daily commute is mostly on a couple of those one lane Sonoma County roads .... sucks but someone's gotta do it!
Go back and ride that route on a super-moto bike.
Nice job EB. Reminds me I need to get out more!
We let people from the Midwest out here as long as y'all promise to go home. The curves might seem scary at first but don't worry, the geezer glide can handle it.
"We let people from the Midwest out here as long as y'all promise to go home."

It's a bit late for you, Buz. The time to say that was around 1944.
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