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Sonoma County Ride

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WOOHOO first post!

nice layed back article, but I still have trouble seeing the Olson twins being any older than four.
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Buzz wasn't even a gleam in his daddy's eye that long ago.
Dude... are the drugs wrong again? This news flash came via private communique from you, ya know, making money and all. But I'm glad you were mistaken. Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing either if it makes you feel any better, kinda like now.

Anyway does this mean we are going to see more reviews of arm-chaps and beanie helmets soon? I was really gonna miss ya.

Feel da luv bruddah.

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Ha, we've figured out a way to keep all but the wealthiest trannie riff-raff out...

it's called 100% annual appreciation in coastal real estate prices the last 5 years. Whew, glad we've got Prop 13

You're killin me Buz. how about that Brutale story. Let's hear it man.
Sean and I are working on it. I need to get it up to Torrance for the dyno run.
How bout a south-o-the-border-tour Ebass? Where, according to the honorable RS Higdon writing in the excellent On the Level BMW rag, "the difference between hetero and **** is about three Coronas." Could open up a whole new can of possibilities.
Surprising that a BMW rider would hold out for three
Microsoft is correct, but the product is Street & Trips 2004... GREAT program for mapping! The highlighting was done in post by me, but there is one included, I just didn't wanna learn how to use it. Sometimes the Fonz is just as lazy as the rest of you. :)
not to hijack the thread or anything..

But umm... Why the heck hasn't MO tested a VTX 1300???

I spent yesterday riding around on VTX 1800, and then went back and compared notes with your reviews. We didn't agree on a whole lot, except the brakes. Holy cow does that bike need more brakes. Those things are damned near useless!

The forward controls, and the bars were way to far away for me...

Still... I had a blast. I'm just wishing y'all had a review of the 1300 so I could compare them.
Re: not to hijack the thread or anything..

How about: Just like the 1800 only less so.

Does that work for ya?
I was thinking of getting rid of my tired old Trophy. I kept waivering to and fro; ST1300, FJR1300, Road King. Kept test riding them until even the janitor at the local HD dealer knew me by name. It was one of these "Lets go ride around on an RK by E Bass" that got me to say; What the heck. Lets just go buy the Road King. I can still buy the FJR next year to park next to it. And, maybe it'll be arrest-me red. Good work man!

Re: not to hijack the thread or anything..

Well no. The brakes on the 1800 suck. Are they better on the 1300? What about the riding position?

i read that the 1300 was the far superior bike, and frankly, I'd like to know if that's BS or not.
Re: not to hijack the thread or anything..

The brakes are better on the 1300 because it's not as fast.
exBass n Mate

What is lacking is the female touring mate that needs to be on her own full-size ride accompanying exBass.
Chick's - we need more biker chicks!

How about it ?- everyone like road Diva's!
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