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South African GP Results - 500 class

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Worst thing that could have happened to that race did, with Roberts getting to the front early, then wobbling about and holding everyone up. That could have been an excellent race all the way to the end if Roberts hadn't of fragmented the field a bit by making it so hard for people to get past.

Yeah, I know it's racing, but it sure wrecks the spectacle for the viewers.
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seemsto me that no one noticed about the fact that after one year, there were now 3 Hondas on the podium... it shows something about their machines i think... oh, second post....
GP Results v WSB Results (no spoiler)

Why are the GP results up before the WSB results ?

They (the Superbikes) were run about 8 hours earlier.
Re: GP Results v WSB Results (no spoiler)

i guess today is hondas day..!

they won 1supersport race in australia, the superbike race in australia, both castrol honda's got 1-2 on the podium, won the 250cc race in grand prix, and won the 500 race, with different riders, from 3 different factory-support teams, one of them with the old machine, and two with the newest , and best machine on the podium, as the yamaha's and suzukies are having difficulties following them.... it sure was a hell of a good day at the HRC camp today...

oh...4th post........
Re: GP Results v WSB Results (no spoiler)

Actually, Honda's went 1 and 2 in the supersport race as well.
Just as in 125 and 250, after a few crashes in the first GP-Season, Rossi will get the title. Period.

Roberts, Biaggi and whoever can forget about winning any championship as long as Rossi is in there.
in my opinion, kenny thinks he's the best, and doesn't try because he's got so much confidence. it seems to me like rossi is the new king-a-ling of the motorcycle racing world... the one who will continue where doohan left ... he's the best, but i also think that crivili'e could still do soomething, he's got a lot of talent, but he just needs to find the confidence to do so, and win some races...1
Criville spent too many years following Doohan about, taking his settings. He might be talented but he hasn't learnt how to do his own thing. It's too late for him now. He will never achieve anything anymore, especially with Rossi there. Honda should blood some new riders. If Katoh doesn't have Crivilles ride next year then Honda will regret it.
Rossi is super talented, but

the straight line speed of the 2001 NSR sure is impressive. It must have been disheartening for Abe to work so hard for the front, only to be sucked up by Rossi down the next straight. Rossi, like Doohan, seems to be one of the few riders that can control the NSR's awesome delivery.

Rossi certainly has the edge this year, but those young Japanese studs (Nakano, Ukawa, Katoh) look to make the GP's interesting for the next couple.

Haga - "Where's my 4 stroke?"

Also, can anyone tell whether the KR3/Proton is making any progress? The results seem better, but the lap times sure seem slow. I think most amateurs are pulling for KR racing and van der Goorbergh
Nevermind the GPs , I wanna read comments on

the Philip Island race . Where are they ?
Not sure what happened to the SBK race results, but this is what I know. The first race was won by Edwards, with Okada second and Bayliss third, Yanagawa fourth, Corser sixth. Held in very heavy rain, with an oil slick the length of the front straight from lap 6. Only 10 finishers. There was a lot of discussion between riders if the first race should have been held at all, as the rain was very heavy and there was a strong wind lifting the front wheel at several corners.

The already terrible conditions deteriorated even more during the interval, with very low light conditions and torrential rain. It was decided to cancel the second race, as the conditions were so bad.
That was a nasty looking race, lot's of

crashing and sliding about. Edwards may

be a dork, but he just pulled away from

everybody. Very impressive ride.
They say that rain is the great equalizer. with Colin walking away from everybody it shows that the RC51 ia RC45-like in that if it is set up wrong it is very hard to ride successfully.

Put another way: Colin isn't whining when he said in other races that they had tire or some other problem that held his speed down. The bike really does need to be right or else it can't go fast. That he could overcome such awful conditions so dramatically better than others shows his ability.

I really wish Suzuki would give Kenny a bike worth riding. He'd probably be faster on Chili's bike.
I dunno... seems to me Kenny is trying like hell. He said before the race that he thought his only chance was to get in front early, since it's so difficult to pass at that track. He did what he needed to do, and tried his best to fend off the others, but his bike just wasn't up to the task.

On-bike video is awesome, but some of the helicopter views are the most telling. They showed Roberts pulling away (slightly) from Rossi in almost every corner, only to be swallowed again as soon as they got on the power again. How many times did McCoy (and later Abe) almost rear-end Rossi mid corner?

Not to take anything away from Rossi, though; he ran a smart, dominant race. He happily followed Roberts through the first half of the race, preserving his tires and waiting for the front end to come alive. Then, as soon as it looked like someone (Abe) was going to get away, he passed Roberts with ease, and left him for dead. He was in control of the race throughout.

Oh, how great it would be to see Roberts on a competitive bike going head-to-head with Rossi. I'm a Honda fan at heart, but I'm hoping Suzuki can pull themselves together and make a better bike for Kenny. Watching Rossi kick everyone else's behind every race will get old soon.
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Re: Rossi is super talented, but

Once again I called the race with Rossi winning and Haga crashing. What's up with Haga? He shouldn't be in the 500's yet. He is fast but only for about ten laps before he throws it down the road. Yamaha and Haga are stupid for leaving the WSBK for 500. At least in WSBK he would have had a chance of winning. In the 500's he is just a crash test dummy for Yamaha and the leather company he is using. Can't wait to see him on a four stroke with Dunlops.
Seems kenny needs to wake up. He does good starts only to hold people back (and let other catch up, like capirossi) and burn up his tires in the attempt. Still kenny is a contender.

Rossi did a fantastic race. Riding loose and confident. Great slides too.

Good thing there was no sign of Mouth, i mean, Max Biaggi.
Re: Rossi is super talented, but

yes, but he's learning the tracks, so next year

he will be on an equal footing with the other four

stroke riders.
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