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Speed Channel Programming

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First Toast!

..Erm.. seems the usual rogering Cold Medicine, er Speed Chan has been giving us for some time. Not even sure if this is the crest of Nascar tidal wave. More to come methinks.
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I'm sure there where people saying ESPN2 and 3 where bad ideas at the time (I think I have 5 ESPN channels off the sat.)

Seriously, Speed2, Reno, Dakar, WSB (ss, & sb), all AMA, dirt track, Formula 1, IRL, Aerobatic competition, inside stories on all the other racing series, supermoto, world endurance coverage, velodrome races, drag races (not men in dresses), the list goes on and on. Then Speed1 can be all Nascar all the time, the money maker, take all the racing enthusiast left at speed, and tranfer them to Speed2, let them do what they used to do. What made them money before, and grew them to the point that FOX noticed and bought them out.
I'd bet that Speed is tired of the *****ing it gets about all types of race coverage. Nascar fans *****ing about the stupid F1 stuff, F1 fans *****ing about the boat racing, boat racing fans *****ing about the cycle racing etc. I would bet pesos to donuts that they are in the process of setting up a NASCAR channel (premium package only), and will release the Nascar grip on SPEEDTV. They can increase veiwers (all race fans get something), increase revenue (Nascar channel gets premium cost to run comercials, and as a premium channel its gets extra revenue for the cable/sat tv companies). Sounds like a win/win.

But I don not have the financial accumen of Buz, nor am I as perspicacious as longride, so I'm probably wrong.

Also, I ate sheite from the networks for decades on cycle racing, got a little better treatment from speed (finally) and they have spoiled me with same day coverage for a long time. I was a veiwer that gave them ratings that built the channel up. I would like to be a viewer that keeps building their rating up. They seems to not want me anymore, and I will be glad to watch the channel that gives me same day coverage of the MC races. I refuse to be knocked back down to a fourth class viewer, nor do I accept the "any coverage is better than none" opinion expressed by some here.
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I'm trying to hold on to some dignity by bragging about my status as a viewer. But you saw through me.

sniff, sob, sniff, I need a hug......
1 - 4 of 62 Posts
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