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I believe they direct their driving during collisions and debris because the drivers are wearing safety gear that prevents their heads from turnring/moving. "1:00" fatal wall hits anyone?

I think in-car footage during such situations fully communicates the intensity of the moment - a car spins out in front of you and you're promptly blinded by white smoke at 180mph with no idea what you may hit. Wanna swerve? Better make sure what's next to you - oh, that's right, you can't because you can't move your head. I think I'd want someone to give me a little feedback on what to do during that situation as well.

Even given the circumstances above, it seems a far leap to say that the driver doesn't have to drive the car that much. I also think there's a bit more to it than watching purty and shinee carz gettin' smash'd up like uh dem'lition derbee...

Anyone note how well the Nascar drivers did when competing in alternative forms of racing with drivers of other disciplines? Some of them did very well from what I recall...maybe there's more to it than just goin' round in circlez, huh?

It may be boring and ho hum to watch from our selective, refined and slightly indignant motorcycle racing pedestals, but that doesn't mean that any of us could strap into one of those cars and perform to levels remotely approaching the abilities of Nascar drivers.

Lastly, Longride is right - Speed features it so much because 1. Millions of people love it and 2. It is about Money.

For the record, I'm the furthest thing from a die-hard Nascar fan. I'm just trying to put a little perspective on the discussion and I do know that much of your comments were tongue-in-cheek.
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