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Re: Let me point out...

I think the attraction of motorcycle racing, for motorcycle racing fans, focuses less on personality and rooting for your guy than just seeing people ride bikes the way they do when they race them. You can see what's happening, you can see the skill involved, the moments, the beauty. I love every minute of road racing I can watch on TV but I don't need to prattle on endlessly about who's going to win and who's not. I'll watch no matter what (and even when I get sick of it being a Rossi parade.)

NASCAR fans must resort to rooting for personalities because that's basically the only techincal difference between the cars and the drivers. That and the paint jobs. They drive around in a circle, nothing exciting happens at all unless somebody crashes. The winner of a cup race is a roll of the dice. The winner of a motorcycle race is often pretty predictable, but it's still thrilling and beautiful to watch.
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