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First Toast!

..Erm.. seems the usual rogering Cold Medicine, er Speed Chan has been giving us for some time. Not even sure if this is the crest of Nascar tidal wave. More to come methinks.
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TV? Who the heck is watching TV? It's 62 degrees outside today. I'm going riding!
Let me point out...

If someone posts a loud pipes topic we get 200 post on this site. Or godforbid an oil thread!

If Racing qualifying or results are posted you get 10 posts unless someone starts an off-topic flame war. And this is a motorcycle enthusast website! At least I think it is.......
Re: Let me point out...

Couldn't agree more. Most of the rants here seem to either be loosely based on motorcycles and a lot of the times not at all, even with KSquid gone.
Re: Let me point out...

I think the attraction of motorcycle racing, for motorcycle racing fans, focuses less on personality and rooting for your guy than just seeing people ride bikes the way they do when they race them. You can see what's happening, you can see the skill involved, the moments, the beauty. I love every minute of road racing I can watch on TV but I don't need to prattle on endlessly about who's going to win and who's not. I'll watch no matter what (and even when I get sick of it being a Rossi parade.)

NASCAR fans must resort to rooting for personalities because that's basically the only techincal difference between the cars and the drivers. That and the paint jobs. They drive around in a circle, nothing exciting happens at all unless somebody crashes. The winner of a cup race is a roll of the dice. The winner of a motorcycle race is often pretty predictable, but it's still thrilling and beautiful to watch.
I have a DVR cable box so I have it set to record all motorcycle racing programs on Speed, so I don't really have a problem with the early morning Tuesday racing. I can watch whenever I want. It costs me an extra $5/month from my cable company for this service. For a racing fan, it may be worthwhile to do this.
OK, as far as scheduling goes, who cares? It's 2005, guys, get TiVo or a DVR.

As far as content goes - imagine fifteen years ago someone telling you that you'd be able to see tape-delayed Superbike, AMA, and MotoGP racing (or the 1990 equivalents). You'd be in heaven.

I know plenty of Nascar fans. I've never met another WSK, AMA, or MotoGP fan. We're a miniscule audience, and I'm grateful for the coverage we enjoy. Speed Channel rocks.
Furthermore, I bet if you compared Nascar ratings to motorcycle ratings, then compared that to hours of Nascar programming vs hours of motorcycle programming, you'd find that we're getting more than our fair share.
Re: Let me point out...

Ohmygawd!!! I wish I could pick a type point size on these replys. Cause there's no way I can express my response loud enough to that Buz.


I thought I was the only one...Phew.
You'll notice Speed can't even sell advertising for motorcycle races other than the occasional Honda commercial.

All those 1-800-whatever ads and make millions working from home website deals are unpaid ads. The broadcaster gets a small cut based on the number of people who call the number or log on to the website. That's why when you see the same commercial on differnt channels the 800 number or the web address is always different.
Sorry, but I call a spade a spade. If someone spouts outright bullshyt, I call em on it. I have never jumped on ANYONE with an opinion, but when they try to turn opinion into fact, and tell me I'm wrong, well they should expect to be challenged. The guys that posted about exhaust pipes, who had ZERO knowledge and kept insisting I was wrong deserved what they got. I enjoy listening to people that actually have knowledge from which they speak, and I can't stand listening to people that pass off disinformation as truth. The funniest part is you never said where I was abrasive to YOU. You had an opinion and I had mine. I still don't think any other form of racing can even come close to NASCAR popularity. Not even in the ballpark. Those other forms of stations obviously have a niche. From my obervations at motorcycle races, there just isn't enough interest to warrant much coverage.
Longride is hardly being abusive. And he's right. Your MTV2, VH1, etc. analogy fails because these stations served a pre-existing audience demand. In the world of motorsports in the US, the only demand seems to be for Nascar. A non-Nascar motorsports channel would get crappier ratings than an NHL channel. Why invest the $$$ into a seperate station when the audience need can be served by putting the marginal programming in scheduling ghettos on an existing channel? And motorcycle racing is EXTREMELY marginal. Willing it otherwise does not change the fact.
Re: Let me point out...

I've posted racing results in the past that didn't even get a response. Some interest.
Doesn't change the fact that nASScar still sucks.

Go fast and turn left. Or is it right? No thanks, I need to go watch some paint dry.

Think about this - since Nascar is so popular, more people will bug their cable companies to move Speed from premium service to basic service. That would automatically increase the exposure of motorcyle racing.
Hey, I'd love to see that stuff, but I'm not sure anyone is willing to take the risk on marginal interest. Like Buz said, just look at the response we get here when posting race info. It's almost nil, and this is a motorcycle site.
I don't know 'bout that Willis, look at Speed Channel's website, lots of bike related stuff.

Of course there's also NASCAR, classic cars, etc.

Better some bikes on TV than none at all. Beats Andy Griffith re-runs.
Speed is already in my basic service.
I believe they direct their driving during collisions and debris because the drivers are wearing safety gear that prevents their heads from turnring/moving. "1:00" fatal wall hits anyone?

I think in-car footage during such situations fully communicates the intensity of the moment - a car spins out in front of you and you're promptly blinded by white smoke at 180mph with no idea what you may hit. Wanna swerve? Better make sure what's next to you - oh, that's right, you can't because you can't move your head. I think I'd want someone to give me a little feedback on what to do during that situation as well.

Even given the circumstances above, it seems a far leap to say that the driver doesn't have to drive the car that much. I also think there's a bit more to it than watching purty and shinee carz gettin' smash'd up like uh dem'lition derbee...

Anyone note how well the Nascar drivers did when competing in alternative forms of racing with drivers of other disciplines? Some of them did very well from what I recall...maybe there's more to it than just goin' round in circlez, huh?

It may be boring and ho hum to watch from our selective, refined and slightly indignant motorcycle racing pedestals, but that doesn't mean that any of us could strap into one of those cars and perform to levels remotely approaching the abilities of Nascar drivers.

Lastly, Longride is right - Speed features it so much because 1. Millions of people love it and 2. It is about Money.

For the record, I'm the furthest thing from a die-hard Nascar fan. I'm just trying to put a little perspective on the discussion and I do know that much of your comments were tongue-in-cheek.
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Re: Let me point out...Capt. Obvious

Motorcycle racing isn't as controversial. We all agree that bike racing is cool. We all have differing opinions about the things that get 100+ posts.
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