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Speed Channel Programming

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First Toast!

..Erm.. seems the usual rogering Cold Medicine, er Speed Chan has been giving us for some time. Not even sure if this is the crest of Nascar tidal wave. More to come methinks.
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I'd bet that Speed is tired of the *****ing it gets about all types of race coverage. Nascar fans *****ing about the stupid F1 stuff, F1 fans *****ing about the boat racing, boat racing fans *****ing about the cycle racing etc. I would bet pesos to donuts that they are in the process of setting up a NASCAR channel (premium package only), and will release the Nascar grip on SPEEDTV. They can increase veiwers (all race fans get something), increase revenue (Nascar channel gets premium cost to run comercials, and as a premium channel its gets extra revenue for the cable/sat tv companies). Sounds like a win/win.

But I don not have the financial accumen of Buz, nor am I as perspicacious as longride, so I'm probably wrong.

Also, I ate sheite from the networks for decades on cycle racing, got a little better treatment from speed (finally) and they have spoiled me with same day coverage for a long time. I was a veiwer that gave them ratings that built the channel up. I would like to be a viewer that keeps building their rating up. They seems to not want me anymore, and I will be glad to watch the channel that gives me same day coverage of the MC races. I refuse to be knocked back down to a fourth class viewer, nor do I accept the "any coverage is better than none" opinion expressed by some here.
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I'm glad we have you hear to point out everyone else's bullshyt. I'd hate to think we would have to figure it out on our own.

I have feeling you're just going to keep disagreeing and saying the same thing so you can wear me out and you'll get the last word.

You stated your opinion as to the impossibility of all other racing other than nascar being able to stand on its own as being a no-brainer. I have a brain and a different opinion. Nascar is the most watched racing in this country but it is far from the only racing watched in this country.
No they didn't. It started with MTV, which had no audience because noone ever just played music videos 24 hrs. a day. All of the other channel came later when it was realized that enough people liked different types of music and music programming. People do watch Vh1 and MTV and maybe even CMT. Not just one or the other. There is no flaw in this anology. It also is not the only example of company stating other channels for a particular audience. It was just the most prominent exmaple I could think of.

Indy car used to be the most watched racing in this country. Nascar used to just be for the ********, but now it's mainstream. Tastes change.

I have never ever said have a motorcycle only channel. Stop pigeon-holing. There's world-rally, f-1, Drag racing of all sorts, snow-mobile racing, luge, semi racing, how-to-show (two guys garage) etc.,etc, etc, and all types of motorcycle racing. There is enough audience with all of these combined. I cannot prove it with any statistics and noone else can disprove with any statistics because A: they don't exist and B: just because you prefer one type of racing doesn't mean you'll never watch other types.

He implied people who want a separate channel or just at least coverage during a better time slot have no brains. This is extremely mild as compared to other postings over the years that I have seen him and other make, but still abraisive. I really not a let's hold hands and sing songs kind of guy, but if I post anything, and I mean anything, some smart-alic has to either insult or at least start a debate. Most of the time it is the S.O.S. Read any message board here that someone posted a question on how to do something to or with their bike. There are far more useless, often completely off topic, replies than actual useful answers. Aren't these the same reason everyone is happy KPaul isn't here anymore. I know it is for me.
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DR Chipper

Excellent Point. During the NASCAR stuff you see Fortune 500 companies advertise. During the motorocycle races it's the DR Chipper and a toothless fellow advetising a metal detector.
Now a motorcycle and hockey channel...that I could watch.
Especially right now since it would only be motorcycle racing!
The problem with your theory is it's already been tried.

Speed Channel used to be much less NASCAR focused. They must not have been doing that well, as they were bought out, the name was changed to just "Speed" and the programming was changed to include more NASCAR.

And somehow I'd imagine the ratings have gone up.
I disagree. They have not ever had a separate nascar channel and then most other racing on a different channel. Nascar is just a way to get more money for speed no doubt. Another channel for the rest of their programming would do just fine. Look at how many very narrowly focused cable channels exist. We're talking about having a channel with every other type of racing, but nascar, since it would have it's own channel 24/7. I'm tired of hearing how motorcycling alone can't carry a channel. It probably can't, but I serious just can't believe that all other racing combined can't carry a cable channel. I really can't believe that more Americans watch the BBC on a regular basis than would watch non-nascar racing and automotive how-to shows.
Thank you. We made the same point, but you much more elequently than I. I'm sure hooters does better business than any other wings place, but there still are other wings places in business. Of course none of them have had their own airlines.
Since FOX is in the business of making money, don't you think if they thought they could make a buck using your theory they would have done it by now? Are you suggesting they're purposely foregoing millions to punish us racing enthusiasts and jam nascar down our throats?

Next time you're watching any kind of racing other than nascar, look at the total absence of paid commercials. The amount of ads is a great way to tell whether anyone is watching or not.

I worked for 5 years in broadcasting so I know a little about this kind of stuff.
Re: DR Chipper

And all those people making 50-grand a month in their spare time! I always think, if they can make 50-grand in their spare time why are they working at another job?
I'm glad you glossed me with the financial acumen part because I don't even know what longride's thing is!

Should he see a Dr, or get some cream for that?
Hey, now your being an abrasive A-hole there Buz. Don't go throwing knowledge around this place or people get offended. He can figure out everything for himself, don't ya know. Oh yeah, put the stock pipes back on the Glide. You're losing all that low end torque.
Hell, I don't know what it is either, but I think it means "abrasive A-Hole" in French. I'm cool with it!
Actually, you're not a fourth class viewer. It's probably way lower than that.
I'm trying to hold on to some dignity by bragging about my status as a viewer. But you saw through me.

sniff, sob, sniff, I need a hug......
Re: DR Chipper

"I didn't start out to get rich, but I DID!"

Now you can TOO!
He's more right than wrong, they've kept knocking the speeds down over and over. I mean if people want to see close racing why don't they just go 60 mph around the track, would be better for the sponsors no doubt. And I've never seen a NASCRAP racer race a motorcycle. They did a show on them one time and they all rode Haaaawrlay's ....
He managed to make a point, not one I totally buy, without saying the opposite view was a no brainer. You seem to rarely be able to do the same. If more people felt welcome here maybe there would be more subscriptions and advertising and we would get more content, not that the content on bikes, gear, and rides isn't excellent. More how-tos, would kind of nice though. I'm always looking to learn...

I never said you were an A-hole. That would be hypocritical.
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