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Speed TV On Demand Is Great!

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don't have that option here...
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Did you try the web option? As long as you have a DSL or cable connection it works great.
Just the tip of the iceberg ipods, etc.

Excellent Point Buz... To me it's great I can watch whenever I want and for a lot less than a movie...Folks in the industry say we are seeing the beginning of a new era. Like what cable did to over the air networks on demand has the same potential to impact scheduled programming on TV i.e. grab viewers. My daughters new ipod (she received for making the honor roll) allows one to download tv shows etc...

It's on demand world or soon will be...
Re: Let's face it

LOL You are 100% correct...
I have heard things good about from others, thanks for confirming that. I think I'lll take the plunge this year.

so true so true
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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