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I'm not really feelin' the true Highway vibe on this one...maybe it's because since he last posted, I've sold out to buy a bike from Adolf's cousin. That's got to put me right there with the asian atrociteurs, right?

But the fundamental premise of this article is YAMAHA drag racing! Where was the "their filthy Jap bikes go down the strip sideways, just like their eyes" schpiel?

Gentlemen, I submit to you that *this* is an imposter!! (murmur, murmur, murmur)

I call on the true Highwayman to come down from his Fortress of Solitude and put a stop to this defamation of his name, and lift the oppression of the good people of Gotham.

In the end...there can be only one way of determining the veracity of this man's true identity. Bring out...

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