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Re: Roadcraft and Righteousness

Ask not what motorcycling in your country can do for you - ask what you can do for motorcycling in your country......By riding any brand you wish.

Sometimes his task is short and sweet....Like his prison sentence.

Other times his mission is long and perilous...Like his grade school career.

Then the next tour of duty could be to command a squad of heroes on a daring search and rescue against all odds....copying ( And dressing like ) Power Rangers is his favorite pastime.

He tenders the old fashioned currencies of vengeance, vendetta and vindication, and all sales are final...As he works out the terms of his probation with a Judge.

Here we have the spirit and temper that define the core truths of genuine American motorcycling....And uses that spirit as he peels off his "chaps" for his rendevous with Serge at the Motel 6.

the crush of heavy-duty muscle and the barely restrained fury of the screamin’ eagle...The only scream louder is his as he rides the baloney-pony.

The real Harley experience: Pucka-ta-pucka-ta-pucka-ta...CLUNK ( 1st gear )......Puuuucka-ta-pucka-ta-pucka-ta..CLUNK ( 2nd gear ) , Etc.
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