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Roadcraft and Righteousness

Ask not what motorcycling in your country can do for you - ask what you can do for motorcycling in your country.

This is the Harley rider’s mandate every time he takes to the open road. Sometimes his task is short and sweet, like storming a rough bar on the edge of town and clearing house. Other times his mission is long and perilous, like a grueling posse through the uncharted badlands that ends in a dusty ghost town with a showdown at high noon. Then the next tour of duty could be to command a squad of heroes on a daring search and rescue against all odds.

This is roadcraft and righteousness of the highest order - raw masculinity at wide-open throttle. It’s all the stock in trade of a stout and hearty man who plays a rough and tumble game for keeps. The Harley rider takes the same place on the American highway as his country does on the world stage. His principles are not open to negotiation, his actions have no hesitation and those who counter him face devastation. He tenders the old fashioned currencies of vengeance, vendetta and vindication, and all sales are final.

Here we have the spirit and temper that define the core truths of genuine American motorcycling. This is high stakes brinkmanship on two wheels and whether the dueling is by pistols or pistons, all rights are reserved and all wrongs are avenged. The ways and means of all this are the rigor of frontier justice, the crush of heavy-duty muscle and the barely restrained fury of the screamin’ eagle. And no second chances are given here - only a few words are spoken before a few bones are broken.

Let every other motorcyclist know that the Harley man shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any brethren and oppose any atrociteur to assure the survival and the success of American motorcycling.

And do it all in staggering style.


They call me . . . The Highwayman

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