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SpeedStar Drag Racing Feedback

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Sounds like loads of fun, Sean.

One of the things I like most about this site is that you guys are not afraid to test, and admit to enjoying, a wide range of machinery -- scooters, cruisers, naked bikes, race bikes, tourers, whatever. Hell, its all good!

BTW, I wanna read more about your attemts to smoke the squids on Angeles Crest with the scooter!


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Re: Warrior + Standard pegs

Whats great is that when the pegs are underneath you, its easy to periodically stand up and stretch out without having to stop. Its a bit more difficult with forward controls, unless you use your passenger pegs.
Re: Roadcraft and Righteousness

I used to do everything in staggering style, but since I quit drinking I stopped the staggering.
Re: Roadcraft and Righteousness


Haven't you ever read the Highwayman before? You had better hide the men and boys.

Re: Roadcraft and Righteousness

Well, at least the children.
Re: Roadcraft and Righteousness

"His principles are not open to negotiation, his actions have no hesitation and those who counter him face devastation.......... only a few words are spoken before a few bones are broken."

Is this Jesse Jackson or the Wayhighman?! Come to think of it, atrociteur sounds like a word the 'good reverend' might use.

"And do it all in STRAGGERING style."

This is the first accurate thing THM has ever written. Harley riders certainly do a lot of staggering. Maybe it's the gynecological-exam riding position, or maybe it's just the alcohol.

Either way, his last sentence is right on (er, if you leave out that part about style).
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OK, where would they put the nitrous kit? Sooner or later, some right thinking upholder of the honor of Milwaukee Iron will stop playing poseur long enough to do some serious work. And to stay in front, Yamaha will need a little extra boost.

In the meantime, just spray the happy gas in the direction of the Highwayman. Gotta keep him mellowed out..
Nitrous kits are available for the Warrior right now. They cost $600 and add roughly 35hp. dont know where the tank goes, but with 135 bhp at the rear with a speedstar kit, hold on!
Was that 11.7s with the Road Star classic, or the Road Star Warrior???
My guess would be the Warrior. Hey guys, can you add a breakdown of what times you turned on what bikes in the article?
The stock Warriors were running in the low 13 to high 12 range at around 101 MPH. The Stage IV Warriors were in the low 12s and high 11s and 110 MPH range. Rider weight, technique, and temp all played a role, so giving an exact time is misleading but here it is: 11.66sec @ 112 MPH was the fastest time posted all day on a Stage IV Warrior. On average the Stage IV Road Stars were about .9 sec behind the Stage IV Warriors. Stock to stock the difference was more like 2.5sec in the Warrior's favor.
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