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Speedvision Sold, Future of Bike Programming?

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That is totally disgusting, after watching the greatest motorcycle race in history just a few weeks ago. I am talking about the GP500 race from Philip Island-if you don't know. There was actual passing, unlike F1(cars).

I hope it doesn't happen!!! Please say it isn't so. who cares about the MO coverage, Speedvision is the one that counts!!!
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Here's why you should care about MO coverage: If Dorna could get off their wazoo and leverage our DivX expertise and our largest-in-the-world readership, we could have the races (replete with their TV ads so they can throw that into increased pricing) both live and on-demand from MO!

That would be awesome. If people weren't constrained to watch the show when it's aired (forcing you to their time schedule, a big negative of static TV) and we could push it in front of our readership, I'm sure we could make a dent in the US market that doesn't otherwise care.
What's up w/ that? Are there really only a couple of us out there who watch every Sunday and Tuesday night? There is some really incredible racing going on out there and no one cares?

How is watching a bunch of tide-box-looking-cars go around in circles better than Roadracing? At least bikes change direction and people love to watch things crash. What better crashing than with bikes? I mean, the guys turn into rag dolls and the bikes blow up. I'm thinking like 'Joe-six pack' here folks, I don't enjoy watching guys wad their bikes. I've been the rag-doll and it sux. Well, I guess it is kind of fun to watch.

Anyway, it would seem that groups like the AMA and Dorna have failed the sport. What have they done to promote for us and get us more air time? Why would they turn people away from the sport by not sharing information or news? As if they own the f'n news about the sport or something. Money grubbing trolls, I'm sure.

Is is that people in the cages are just so affraid of bikes that they just can't relate and don't care? I guess every mini-van soccer mom can at least relate to cars whereas bikes are too scarry and in their minds kill their children if they ever take an interest in them.

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I really don't care about text coverage of racing.

The print coverage is ok, if I get a slow moment, but I don't even really care about that. The online coverage doesn't even have pics, so who cares at all. But I love to watch it. I watched every single race that was on speedvision. But the issue isn't percentages. If you want the kind of niche success speedvision's had, you have to be good. You have to at least care a little about quality. Speedvision wouldn't have gotten rid of motorcycles because they knew that would be stupid, they're channel would be lower quality. Stats are short term, name and brand value come from quality. Someone who has a clue has to say "we need motorcycles and mc racing if we want to call ourselves 'speedvision' and not have it be a joke", then stick to that because they know it's right. Ultimately this will build brand value, because any real motorsports fans that don't even primarily watch it for mc, recognize the value of mc racing, and recognize the value of the channel. Fox doesn't understand that because they don't know or care anything about quality. Fox sucks, and so does NASCAR. NASCAR doesn't even belong on speed vision because it gets too much coverage everywhere else. Oh well, at least their changing the name.
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Dag nammit! I really hope they don't cancel the MC racing coverage. It's the only reason I watch Speedvision.

I figure the MC racing can't be that much of a bummer for them... they put it on at a pretty good time slot (8pm Sunday), or maybe that was just part of their deal.

I can sort of understand the difficulty dealing with Dorna, since MC racing in the US is peanuts compared to Spain, Italy, and the rest of Europe, (and probably Japan and other parts of Asia, too).

But the difficulty dealing with the AMA baffles me. You would think that they'd be bending over backwards to make it as easy as possible to publicize their roadracing events with results and such. Or maybe I'm mistaken in assuming that they want to increase their fan base...

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Petition to keep speedvision's current programming.

It couldn't hurt to sign, just don't get too excited since it probably won't change anything. Anyone who cares at all should sign it anyway though.

I don't believe for a moment that mc racing viewership is at all as low as MO's race coverage readership. What race fan is going to run to his computer to read who won on a screen, even if he doesn't get to watch it. Most are going to watch it, or won't want to know if there's a chance they'll get to see the race. Anyone who's seen the race doesn't need to read results here. I've very rarely read results here for races I've watched. Why would I?
just to throw in my two cents worth.....

speaking as a european ..specifically irish...the coverage over here for all the GP and WSB or BSB is not that good either...satellite TV does carry most of the races live ...(one channel only)..but terrestial tv does not..even though they show formula 1 and cart. this i cannot understand because motorbike racing has a huge following, especially road racing (and i mean on the road like the isle of man). there seems to be no efforts made to promote the sports image from the drinking fighting loud yobbo stereotype in peoples head about bikers, look at rossi right now he could be such a PR coup for biking clean young fast attractive (easy now!)..but yet motorbike racing seems destined to remain such a minority and marginalised sport...pity.

btw gezza macwilliams rules!
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Re: Petition to keep speedvision

It is that low. I should've stated it more clearly, but when MO first started, we were the ONLY American source for real-time, or even within-a-week results, and the readership was really low.

No motorcycle race has ever made a "1" rating, required to show up on the ratings charts. Speedvision claims 45 million households, so, at best, less than two percent of their viewership watches.

I'm one of those that watches, mind you, so you're preaching to the choir on how cool it is to watch. I pay for DirecTV just so I can have speedvision and OLN (tour de france, tour de spain and the Manhattan GP where I got third in my class are on OLN). But, trust me, I've followed more motorcycle viewership/readership data than anyone else in the world in the last seven years (if only because we have more than anyone else ;-), the numbers just aren't there IN THE US. Europe is a different story...
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Incredible, absurd, pathetic! Into the new millenium, the only (and excellent) full time motorsports cable channel is going NASCAR.

Formula One, CART, SCCA, Motorcycle F1, Superbike (World & American), Boat Racing, Airplane comp., etc., etc., all about to disappear so that we can now watch for 24 hours a day 40 or so ******** go at it in circles.

Watching the Talibans running from our bombs is more interesting!
For the most part, NASCAR fans are mental vegetables. I don't understand what's so interesting in watching a bunch of fat-bodies drive around an endless highway. Oh wait, that's right it's just another excuse to down a 12 pack of Bud. There is real racing going on in the world, and it will be for nothing if no one can see it.
Re: Petition to keep speedvision

I've already signed that...

The problem is: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Can you FATHOM how much money NASCAR brings in? Do you see those superspeedways packed to the gunwales with Joe-bub and Joe-mama?

Think of are at LEAST 50 bucks a head and then, people aren't allowed to bring much in with they have to go buy beer, pop, food, water, bathroom rights :)-P) from the vendors!

Then, we get nothing but "money shots" of the cars coming right at the camera on TV with the huge corporate sponsor names lathered grotesquely across their facades! We're talking BEAU COUP BUCKS @ Nascar!!!

So, please, for goodness sake! Go sign it...just don't be surprised when Fox takes it and wipes off their better side with it...
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Re: Petition to keep speedvision

You make some good points, who bothers to race to the PC to see results if they haven't seen the race. I don't even have Speedvision, but do have FoxSports, and get some MC racing (from Speedvision productions).

The other point made by Blip about them showing the race if they were allowed to has a few problems. First, not many people really have the Bandwith to watch video with good quality. As far as being subject to the time schedules the races are shown, well I rarely watch them when they're actually broadcast, I tape them and watch later.

Still I think the point about low viewer ship has got to be true. Think about how few people ride. And of those you know that ride, how many follow MC raicng very much.

As far as the petition, we could all sign, every MO reader, every motorcyclist, but I don't think it will matter one bit.
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I've been a car guy since I was three years old, forty (gulp) years ago. I watched car races every chance I got (though I've always favored road courses over ovals). This year, I got into bikes for the second time, and started watching bike racing for the first time. And you know what? It's the best dang motor racing, of any kind, that I've seen in many years. Especially 500 GP and Superbike (World and AMA). I mean, wow! Close competition! Lots of passing! Significant fractions of the field finishing on the lead lap, or even in sight of the leader! It just doesn't get any better. If they could just get some of the gearheads out there to give it a try, they'd be hooked!

I think NASCAR is oversaturated already, and will soon start losing its audience. But the biggest mistake, IMHO, is changing the name! They've spend years building up the Speedvision brand name, and now Fox wants to throw that away and start over? What kind of idiots are running that network?

I signed up for my cable company's extra-cost "digital cable" offering just to get Speedvision. I watch all the bike shows, even "American Thunder" (if only to laugh at Michele Smith's "acting"). If Speedvision, er excuse me, Speed Channel, dumps bikes, maybe I'll dump digital cable. That might be a message they'd understand.
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Uhh, not sure how much (if any) CART coverage there is (or ever has been on Speedvision). That's almost exclusively telecast on ESPN/ABC.

But anyway, it is absurd to go to a NASCAR channel, isn't there enough of that crap on already? I guess like all sports, it boils down to money, and where the money is coming from.
Get off your high horse...

MO content has been almost non-existant for quite a while. First you guys go in the toilet and now Speedvision. What next? My bike throws a rod?

P.S. Motorcycling's biggest TV coverage problem is probably that the sponsor logos are too small to show up well on TV. Maybe they should race baggers, to get a big, flat billboard surface.
Fox has a better side?

I'm not just talking about the motorcycle races, I'm talking about F1. I know mc racing is tiny here 'cause people suck, but to do speedvision right, you gotta have a little of all of it. So mc racing HAS to ride in on F1, SCCA and rally coattails. Fox isn't just tossing out mc racing, they're tossing out all motorsports except for that stock car crap. Since speedvision viewers in general are not NASCAR viewers, they're throwing out a whole market, and they're throwing away money. Of course, that money just happens to be pennies compared to the NASCAR money, so they just don't care. But a whole new NASCAR channel wouldn't interfere with speedvision at all, and it would technically be more money. Just more initial investment. I don't know why they had to buy speedvision anyway, if those viewers aren't enough to care about, why does speedvision have any value? Do they really just think because it's racing related, and technically NASCAR is racing, that they're gonna pick up some of the old audience? Did they buy it just because it was the cheapest, and the racing angle just happens to be a coincidence? Why couldn't they just buy any other channel, they all have about as much to do with NASCAR as speedvision does. Like the food channel, or hell, TNN. You wouldn't even notice the change.
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Yeah but...

the fun part is when he passes Biaggi on the outside after Biaggi's dirty passes, then while he's still leaned over takes one hand off and flips Biaggi off! Now that ruled, screw clean. Or taking his lap with a chicken on back. But, people like crap. You guys get cart on your broadcast TV? I don't even think we get that except on cable.
I agree that for the most part NASCAR races are not worth watching unless you are some kind of backwoods hillbilly...BUT, I am obsessed with speed, bikes, cars whatever. I went to one of the "driving" schools where you pay an inordinate amount of money to drive a restricted Winston Cup car around the track at 160 MPH. It was unreal, even full into the corner I could jack the wheel and the car would move wherever I wanted it too. It was cool and I have more respect for what those drivers and cars can do.
If I remember correctly ESPN wanted a piece of motorcycle racing at the beginning of this season, but speed vision got the rights to AMA, WSBK, and GP, wouldn't ESPN be able to get it all now?
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