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just to throw in my two cents worth.....

speaking as a european ..specifically irish...the coverage over here for all the GP and WSB or BSB is not that good either...satellite TV does carry most of the races live ...(one channel only)..but terrestial tv does not..even though they show formula 1 and cart. this i cannot understand because motorbike racing has a huge following, especially road racing (and i mean on the road like the isle of man). there seems to be no efforts made to promote the sports image from the drinking fighting loud yobbo stereotype in peoples head about bikers, look at rossi right now he could be such a PR coup for biking clean young fast attractive (easy now!)..but yet motorbike racing seems destined to remain such a minority and marginalised sport...pity.

btw gezza macwilliams rules!
1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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