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I've been a car guy since I was three years old, forty (gulp) years ago. I watched car races every chance I got (though I've always favored road courses over ovals). This year, I got into bikes for the second time, and started watching bike racing for the first time. And you know what? It's the best dang motor racing, of any kind, that I've seen in many years. Especially 500 GP and Superbike (World and AMA). I mean, wow! Close competition! Lots of passing! Significant fractions of the field finishing on the lead lap, or even in sight of the leader! It just doesn't get any better. If they could just get some of the gearheads out there to give it a try, they'd be hooked!

I think NASCAR is oversaturated already, and will soon start losing its audience. But the biggest mistake, IMHO, is changing the name! They've spend years building up the Speedvision brand name, and now Fox wants to throw that away and start over? What kind of idiots are running that network?

I signed up for my cable company's extra-cost "digital cable" offering just to get Speedvision. I watch all the bike shows, even "American Thunder" (if only to laugh at Michele Smith's "acting"). If Speedvision, er excuse me, Speed Channel, dumps bikes, maybe I'll dump digital cable. That might be a message they'd understand.
1 - 2 of 65 Posts
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