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What's up w/ that? Are there really only a couple of us out there who watch every Sunday and Tuesday night? There is some really incredible racing going on out there and no one cares?

How is watching a bunch of tide-box-looking-cars go around in circles better than Roadracing? At least bikes change direction and people love to watch things crash. What better crashing than with bikes? I mean, the guys turn into rag dolls and the bikes blow up. I'm thinking like 'Joe-six pack' here folks, I don't enjoy watching guys wad their bikes. I've been the rag-doll and it sux. Well, I guess it is kind of fun to watch.

Anyway, it would seem that groups like the AMA and Dorna have failed the sport. What have they done to promote for us and get us more air time? Why would they turn people away from the sport by not sharing information or news? As if they own the f'n news about the sport or something. Money grubbing trolls, I'm sure.

Is is that people in the cages are just so affraid of bikes that they just can't relate and don't care? I guess every mini-van soccer mom can at least relate to cars whereas bikes are too scarry and in their minds kill their children if they ever take an interest in them.

1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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