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Spies posts a double at California Speedway

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"It's good to have somebody there to pick up my game." My butt!
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No rules change is going to fix this one. Ducati is down on power but Honda and Kawasaki aren't close either.
Roger Lee is #95. Tommy is #22. Rog didn't race (broke bones) Tommy did.

It's all set-up. The bikes are pretty equal on power (except the Duc). It's all about set-up.

Roger led at Dayton and Barber before crashing. Kawasaki's are strong. Honda is improving. Their problem isn't power. It's handling. Yamaha is only Factory supported this year (Grave's). Duc needs power but some of the more technical tracks are coming up so they'll be alright. Mladin has his hands full. Spies IS going to be the next American superstar roadracer. He'll get a GP ride within 3 years.
I must admit Madlin is handling defeat with more grace than i thought he would. If he gets beat again at sears point tho, he will go postal wear a flak jacket if u r in attendance.

then again maybe it is a relief for him. he knew it would happen sooner or later, he has happy baby nice home in Australia and successful business to run. All those years flying around has to get old. He was fun to watch and fun to listen to, AMA will be even less colorful when he's gone.
HRC could fix that problem for Honda, but American Honda is stubborn, wants to do it themselves and won't win unless they lease HRC bikes again.
Remember the race at Road Atlanta a few years ago when the ambulance pulled on the track in the middle of the race?!!!!

Mladin almost rear-ended it at about 120mph and went totally ballistic.
Is Ducati a full factory team like it is in World SBK? Or is it a satellite-type team?
funny about the time your kid turns a year or 2 old you start to imagine possibilities you really hadn't considered so much before. that or you reach a certain age. KR's the one who said most racers have about a ten-year envelope.

He also tucked the front end at Barber and crashed out of the lead that is another sign o the times... unless you're like bubba stewart, then it's just expected.
Yesterday's MotoGP - last couple laps. Nicky is just behind the leader until he gets passed by the other two just behind him whereupon he just lets it go and rapidly falls back 1.5 secs in fourth and is within a fraction of a lap of being passed by Rossi. If there was one more lap to finish the race and Dani Pedrosa hadn't fallen he would have finished 5th. His tires must be breaking traction in every corner, but it seems like it's all he can do to just hold on to the bike. What kind of job is that??
that is a High Pressure job. O and if u get it wrong there's possibility to wind up dead or in wheel chair. have a nice ride!

for those guys a track day is hard work i am guessing.
Yeah, yeah. I know that, as one journalist said in "Faster" they are all heroes in MotoGP, just to be at that level and to do something so well that finishing 0.5 seconds slower than someone else in a 40 minute race (!) can make the difference between being on top or an also-ran, BUT, I have a serious problem with Nicky being on top of the charts without winning. He is consistent, in the sense that he sits there and waits for others to screw up (and sometimes, as on Sunday, that happens), BUT, is he exciting? After he got passed and passed again, it looked like he sort of quit. Don't you want your favorite racer to go at it with abandon? look at Melandri fighting Stoner on the last lap (BTW, is Stoner 15 yet? He looks about 14). The best (Schwantz, Rainey, Rossi etc.) are exciting to watch: Nicky is kind of boring.
i don't think u would think boring if he took u for a couple laps. you must have a very hi boring threshold man that was best GP since like last GP.
Ducati needs a rules change or 4's that simple

I agree... Team Kate in WSB seems to do OK. Kawasaki is closer than Ducati I think....Ducati needs a extra 200 cc or WSB mods (rules change) or two more cylinders to compete
Totally agree jb Rossi came from out in the weeds, pedrosa was way back to start with, a very good race right up to the last!
I don't think AMA Duc is a full factory team. At least not in the sense that Xerox Ducati is in WSBK. It's costing Duc a fortune to keep the WSBK bikes in a state of tune that's competitive. The rules are different in AMA, too. No traction control, for one.
Yeah, didn't he have a rear tire failure too?
As everyone knows by know, Hayden said that he had a tire warmer melt onto his brake rotor while sitting on the grid. He thought about pulling in on the warm-up lap. He said that eventually, the situation improved, but that's got to sap your confidence when the pace went ballistic toward the end.

Excuse? I don't know. But I'll give him credit for backing off, not binning it and collecting the points.

Nicky's going to have to win some races eventually to win a championship, but consistency beats momentary brilliance most times. Just ask Biaggi.

Unless, of course, we're talking about Rossi who's consistently brilliant.
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Re: Ducati needs a rules change or 4's that simple

All the Hondas were miserable in the last WSBK race.
I think Wayne Rainey is in the back of every American G.P. rider's mind.

How much harder would you like Nicky to push?
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