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Spoiler-Moto GP results

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A brilliant ride by Loris. It was amazing how poorly Hayden did... now it's anyone's game.
I've subscribed to MotoGP for the season. I upgraded to be able to watch live for Laguna Seca. So I got up to watch at 3 am, yeah I've got issues, and it was worth it. While it was disappointing to see Nicky go backwards he took the hit for the tire choice, I don't think the choice was bad I think is was a bad tire. I hope he continues his steady performance, it will work, I hope. If the change to 800cc doesn't throw Danny off, next year will be the Pedrosa Show. The rumours of the "silly season" are almost as entertaining as the final races will be dramatic. So what is the time change for the next venue, I'll set my alarm clock.....

ps Way to go Loris!
Yeah well big Ifs in racing alla time. If Vale hadn't had 2 DNFs (or is it 3?) he'd be ahead in points too. Hayden experienced any dnf yet this season? I'm thinking no and i don't wish it upon him but he is due. Yea i think it will be good up til the end this year a good Vale vs Nicky vs Pedrosa duel with about 5 pts. spread at Valencia could be entertaining...
Since Giberneau is the one who ruined his season ya think he'll be riding for Ducati next year? Or will he be part of a cement foundation somewhere in Italy?
The return of Checa to Ducati? What of the rumour of the return of Biagi?
interesting in Vale's autobio, he says he talked to Ducati a lot before he decided to switch to Yamha. But felt like ducati culture was more similar to Honda's than Yamaha's was; ie, putting more emphasis on the technology than the rider's input. He could change his mind, sure seems like a natural fit doesn't it? anyway he's alread signed with yamaha for 07.
Poor tire choice will get you every time. Nicky has a points lead and the "if" behind Vale dnf don't matter. Why? Because any rider could be put into that posistion. You overcome or loose. Nicky couldn't overcome and placed 9th. Vale had tire issues a few times this year and 2 times he parked. Life's tough.
Rossi on a Ducati at Mugello with Capirossi, I don't think the Carbineri could keep them in the stands.
Seems only natural doesn't it.
Hayden also cited clutch problems

From the interviews I read, it seems like Hayden had equipment issues beyond mere tire choice. He also may have fried the clutch getting away.

I agree that Dani has impressive speed in amazingly short time. The first time we've seen Vale and Dani heads up dog fighting.

I'm pulling for Hayden, as I've followed his career since the Hypercycle days, but I don't think he's shown he has what it take to take Vale down-- yet.
Excellent race by Loris. Went out quickly to take the lead and never relinquished it. New Bridgestone tires did the job. I think Loris is very under-rated and does not get the recognition he justly deserves. Forza Loris and Ducati!!!
Absolutely - I hope Sete gets the high jump next season. Ducati are reportedly talking to Stoner and also trying to bring back Biaggi to replace Sete. I think Hayden is heavily over-rated - nowhere near the standards of the European riders. Forza Ducati, Loris and Bridgestone indeed!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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