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Sport Bike Research Event - Pays $150 for 2 Hours

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check is in the mail
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How about Mesa Arizona?

How about Mesa Arizona?

I would go for it.
Probably will ask you things like:

[*]What are your feelings about the demise of the V-Twin in sportbikes.

[*]How do feel about 800cc V-4s?

[*]How often do read stuff from the GMP

[*]When you get older, will you consider a Harley?

[*]How often do read kpaul's blog

Import stuff like that...
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Re: How about Mesa Arizona?

this same tactic was used in some research i was exposed to, and i offered the opinion I think guys who are buying $10k sportbikes are not the same guys who would trade an evening of their time for $150. If it was like Open Bar and Nice Meal maybe...

Wrong as usual?
Re: How about Mesa Arizona?

Hey they should fly you in i.e. only sportbike rider whose Buell hasn't broke ... just kidding. My Grandma used to live in Mesa, I bet you get that alot.. My uncle lives on golf course somewhere down there with his 5 th wife. He is an ex-LA divorce attorney. I am just jealous of your sunny days.
Re: How about Mesa Arizona?

Maybe... A Gen Y single guy with credit cards maxed out, GSXR1000 on a 5 year loan with bad interest rate might need $150 for a new rear tire.
Re: How about Mesa Arizona?

True, those burnouts are expensive.
Re: How about Mesa Arizona?

Now I would probably go just cause my wife controls the budget and this would be like hiding income from her, not that I have ever done that.... Kpaul would go cause kpaul the GMP would have some valuable insight for them. kpaul would hold court afterwards giving autograph copies of his predictions. :)
Here, I was beginning to think he didn't have it in him!

Oh, Great Moto Prophet! How could I ever have doubted you? Can I ever be Forgiven?

Ah my wife says I am the only man that could stay married to her cause I have short memory and never carry a grudge. "We all have doubts and questions from time to time, about what bike we ride, is Burns really bigdx, does seruzawa live in fenced compound with other like minded folks, does Buzglyd really get laid, do arm chaps look good on me etc. " (Charleton Heston voice)
27% of the time I think he's funny and 73% of the time he is a riot.
$75 per hour to listen to my opinions?

Damn, you guys are getting off cheap.
"How often do read kpaul's blog"

And so far, it's fascinating reading.
Re: How about Mesa Arizona?

What about Carefree Arizona.......?
Re: How about Mesa Arizona?

Great....Fenton, KPaul thinks he's two people again. Get the tongue depressors and jumper cables.
Well don't forget he's waiting for MO to allow posting of pictures because apparently he hasn't heard of MYSPACE, etc. etc.
You have a choice, Buz. You can take a nice ride up to Camarillo State Hospital for the Criminally Insane and listen to the inmates for a while. Or you can read KP's blog. At least with one you get a nice ride home afterward.
They read his blog every Wednesday night.

It's called, Comedy Night.
I went to one of those things once. It was actually a lot of fun, stirring the pot and all. I eventually realized I was not their target audience, and would never be asked to participate again. I was right.

Basically, I wasn't as ignorant as the other participants.

I got a decent free dinner and $100 out of it.
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