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Have tried the new "Friction" DVR glasses from Firehouse Technology on a ride last week. These are sport sunglasses that have polarized lenses or you can change out to clear for night riding. The have a small 1080 p digital recorder built in that take high quality video with the push of the button on the side. The glasses themselves are light enough, they charge off usb and record to micro sd card in the side. They are a one button operation so simple to use when riding, and have a small indicator light on the interior side that lets you know they are working. Took video in low and sunny conditions and was great. The frame rate is good ...and very sharp images, it also does photos. The audio pick up was also very clear with very little wind noise overall. Comes in a nice hard case with a 12 volt bike charger and sd card reader, and of course wall charger. If your looking for something simple, that you can wear and not have a huge cam stuck to the top of your helmet...this is a low cost alternative that produces great results and can be used really anywhere! They are on ebay under firehousetechs and amazon under firehouse technology. here is a link to the youtube videos if you wanted more info

Firehouse Technology High Definition 1080P DVR Sport Glasses - YouTube
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