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I have tried (and wear) most of what everybody has mentioned. I wear jump boots when I wear my uniform to work and I wear my "Combat touring" boots the rest of the time. I have a pair of SIDI tepor something (the expensive ones around $300). They are truely waterproof and a great product. I bought them a size too small so my son wears them now. The sole is soft & thin though, but there is armor galore.

Once you get used to the cinder block feel of the combat tourers and break them in (AND BREAK THEM IN), they work well. I, too, am rather thin. I like the concealed laces that cinch around my calf so they are as snug as I like. I can wear them under my pants or put my leathers down in them.

They are a substantial piece of equipment, sufficient for any a$$ kicking that needs to be done. Since they don't have any armor, I was hesitant on their ability to protect my feet. Well, they are really like a 1972 dirt bike boot that is tough and stiff. As a motorcycle instructor, I had a student mow me down with a Nighthawk. My tourer kept my ankle from getting broken (it stopped the bike), although the handlebar broke my wrist. Case closed on that thought. Oh, and the clasp on the side also helps in the fit. I put some good insoles in mine since I was in between sizes.

As I said earlier, the jumps boots work well, but are not as heavy duty as my tourers (but not as pricey either). On the other hand, they feel more like a work boot than an off road boot.

The best thing to do is to look around and find what works for you.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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