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I'm very happy with my Frey Daytona RoadStar GTX boots. They're armored in the right spots, comfy, and still watertight after 9 years. I faxed an outline of my feet to Helimot and they sent me a perfect-fitting pair of boots. These boots have a good amount of adjustment to tailor to your calf, and are available in narrow widths (wide ones, too).

I've found these boots perfectly comfortable for walking since day 1. But for nearly $400 I wanted to make damn sure I wore them out riding, not walking, so I keep a change of shoes at the office. Sadly the soles have finally worn bald. I've been trying on the Sidis and whatnot that the local shops stock, but haven't found anything I liked nearly as much. I may have to bite the bullet on another pair of RoadStars....
1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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