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Sport Touring Boot Question

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SIDI Vertigo Corsa Boots

I love my SIDI Vertigo Corsa boots.

They are adjustable for the area around the lower leg and the forefoot area and they have great venting.

The only negative thing is they aren't very comfortable walking very far.
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After that this thread needs a re-boot.
Those things will kill you!
I have a pair of Oxtar Jupiter boots. I have worn them for 150 miles in driving rain and my feet stayed dry. They are rather comfortable off the bike. The laces allow me to tighten them up nicely around my narrow feet and ankles.

I have these:

There is a Jupiter 2 out now, but the original looks much better IMHO.

That gave me a brain cramp!

Excellent post. Great use of Facts/Data...

We used to get real deal surplus Vietnam Jungle boots for $5.00 a pair when I was a kid, I wore them all the time.

For riding I just wore out a pair of Sidi On Road Sympatecs, I loved em but after 5 years of wearing them on the bike to work, then working in them all day they're pretty well hammered. Since I spent a lot of money in the last few months on the Aerostitch, new helmet and the Bandit (thank God I didn't need a battery!) I didn't want to spend another $280 on boots so I got some good ol' lug sole, steel toe Chippewa Engineer boots. I know they're not the best for riding but I've worn 'em for years and I like 'em just fine.

They are considering mandatory tiered licensing, noise restrictions, and required helmets and saftey gear on em...

i have used bates for the last 35 yrs touring i think they are the best,they are custom made for the
You should get one of the Sidi models with the sympatex - breathable, waterproof fabric. I have the Canyon Sympatex, and they're fantastic. I've even been wearing them around as my winter boots here in snowy Wisconsin.

It has a snowmobile-type ratcheting clasp across the top of the foot, and the boot upper attaches with velcro. You adjust the snugness.

They're not cheap - I paid $250.00 last summer. However, I don't anticipate buying more boots for a very long time.
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Re: You don't get it...

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Scored my Lee Parks Gloves at the race, best gloves ever.
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Re: Jump!

They actually already canceled the tour.

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Re: You don't get it...

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Re: Jump!

Well thank god for small favors
I have the SIDI sport-touring boots. The price is lower than the "race" boots, they lack all the tacked on guards and they are water proof, unlike the "race" boots. I wear a 10B and also have small calves, so I can feel your pain! These are the best boots I have ever owned (since I began riding in 1972)

Good Luck!
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