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I agree that coming out with limits on top speed won't solve anything, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen and don't think it really is a bad thing. I am a active sportbike enthusiast, ex-racer, industry employee, and on going track day fanatic, but I still don't think we really need bikes that are capable of over 150 mph! Probably would get pistol whipped for that one by many, but when you sportbike ride on real roads, how many times do you really go that fast? Even us super-fast guys might ride up to that high speed (not regarding the laws and consequences of this action) for a few short seconds before going back down to a more managable and safe speed.

If the manufacturers were restricted at 150 mph, then they could concentrate on the bikes performance for that real world power of zero to 120 mph where 99% of the riders really use and need the power.

Of course we all know the real answer: EDUCATION! I strongly believe in a tier'd licensing program like Europe which encourages young (or old) new riders to start off small before be allowed to move up to a larger bike. Plus the test are much tougher, especially in countries like Germany or Japan to get your license. Weeding out those who probably shouldn't be on a motorcycle in the first place!

We do have to stop all these new riders from jumping on 2000cc cruisers, or 100+ hp sportbikes as their first rides! What mostly happens is they either get discouraged from riding because of their inability to ride the bike confidently, or a worse scenario, they crash. Which they then get out of the sport and start trashing the sport as "too dangerous!"
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