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Sportbikes Vs. Lawmakers

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Lawmakers have already gone up against motorcycles. Janklow 1, motorcyclist 0
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"If the media decides to take on motorcycles as a safety issue then we are truly screwed. Luckily for us a lot of people in the media ride motorcycles too."

--It doesn’t matter if the media rides or not. The media/celebs have just a wee bit of an elitist attitude. The "do as we say, not what we do". They feel they know what’s good for us and they are far more capable than the general public. So it’s just fine that they have turbine powered bikes as long as the general population can’t get a hold of them.

Same goes for firearms and environmentalism. How many times have you heard a congressmen/celeb/reporter preach on about the evils of firearms, water conservation, land management, large trucks, and SUVs and it turns out that assclown has a lush green 100 acre residence with two pool, 3 Escalades, and a CCW. And when it does come out they usually spin it as if they are more important.

I remember talking with a co-worker that was a BIG environmentalist. We were driving to lunch and we were talking about cars and she said "you know, if I could afford one, I’d by one of those Hummers."

Now this was a few years ago, so she wasn’t pointing to the new H3. We’re talking the older Hummers that get 10-12 miles to the gallon.

I told her "how could this be? They were just ranked as one of the worst environmental autos out on the road?!"

And she said, "Yeah, but if I was the only one aloud to have one it would be OK, since I know more about the environment than most people. I am more capable and responsible."

And that sums up the "Ban It" crowd. They think it’s just fine if THEY have a 200hp bike. But they just don’t think you are as import/capable/smart as them so you get the hockey helmet and short bus with tinted windows.

...oh, and nice Jimmy email address you got there...
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Unfortunately you are right. I remember talking to some woman's boyfriend and he was going on and on about buying a 50 cal Desert Eagle.

Why? Cuz it was "badass" ignoring the fact that it's nearly a 10lbs handgun with feeding problems and inconsistent accuracy.

Although my Ruger Redhawk in 44mag is fun. In magnum on a hot day my accuracy sucks ass, but I can maintain pretty good accuracy with the specials.

But nothing beats a .22 for all day plinking fun! Rifle or handgun...

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Both sides of the fence are nothing more than con artist and brutal thieves. BOTH sides. We should expect more than the string of used car salesmen we get for politicians. If both sides had their way, everything would be banned and we'd have [email protected] all to do on the weekend. We would be just as screwed up right now if Gore or Kerry or McCain were running the ship.

Sure Gore and Kerry would say different things, but would anything actually change? Yes, I know, in some peoples’ eyes everything was daffodils and tulips when Clinton was parked in the Whitehouse but the better economy had more to do with that particular time than it ever did with who we elected. China still hated us. The French thought we were dumb thugs and the controlling Arab world still hated us. Our foreign policies did start and end with Repubs.

No matter who is elected next, just expect more of the same. As a social group we are just dumb enough to keep advancing. If we were any smarter or dumber everything would come to a screeching halt.

The Democrats suck, I’m voting Republican….no, wait, the Republicans suck now! Gotta vote Democrat.

Sorry, they both suck. They both want your money. They both want to ban everything you get any pleasure out of.

So bicker back and forth about red states and blue states, in the end your tax dollars are still wasted, people will still hate us, the poor will still be poor, the rich will still be looked upon as greedy trolls and 200 years from now none of this will even register as footnote in history…but people will still be b!tching about whatever party is in the Whitehouse.

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Ok, her name was Kim MaHoney. She worked at KnowledgeNet in AZ. By "big environmentalist" I didn't mean she was some top level jackass at the Sierra Club, just meant she was big into saving the environment.

And apart from me laughing hysterically during the conversation followed by here cussing me out for making fun of her, that conversation was pretty much verbatim.

So yeah, you busted me real good, cupcake. Cuz that story would have made me soooo ef'in cool that I worked with such a tool.

Oh yeah, I agree.

MY comment about the Desert eagle was more gun quality than anything else.

How was the Barnett? I've never had the opportunity to shoot one.

I can't remember, but there are several .50 cal rifles out there in that style; was this the sigle shot bolt action, mag well, or semi-auto?

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I can't say for sure. Everything I've seen and read has led me to "no", but I am not an owner of a modern BAR, though. Any semi-auto rifle deemed for hunting is mighty difficult getting/locating hi-cap mags.

I originally started with the name when I began reading up on the original BrowningBAR when I was looking to purchase one. I ended up with a Browning1919 belt-fed instead. Not that it's better than the original BAR, it's just that my "oh, that looks like fun" portion of my brain took over when I saw the 1919.

My collection is varied but has more to do with target over hunting.

Don't recall saying I was a Bush supporter...wait, let me check...yep, never voted for him.

Also, philly is now a red state? I had no idea.

So are you saying without the dot com and techno advancements we still would have had a boom?

Good choice! I was gonna recomend that, but some members of the hunting community get insulted by recomending a "military type weapon".

The FN-FALs have better mags than the AR-10 and the mags are cheaper. You can also get 30 and 40 rounders.

I'd recomend a caddy for the Barrett!

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