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Sportbikes Vs. Lawmakers

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Lawmakers have already gone up against motorcycles. Janklow 1, motorcyclist 0
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Hmmm. I better send the AMA's Legislative bunch a check today.

Doesn't matter what your interests, sport, hobby or always have to watch government with both eyes at all times.

We have the worst government imaginable - except for all the other governments.

Remember the state of MO's nitwit "senator", John Danforth & the proposal to ban superbikes?

Keep your eyes and ears open and be ready to pounce.
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Carl Rowan was Washington based and I believe his "home paper" was the Post. You were reading him in syndication.

I recall the event pretty much as you do. If I remember correctly he may have shot one of the kids.

I don't think Rowan ever faced any of the sanctions us normal folks would have given what happened.

Not only do I remember "Komrade Klaybrookski" but I also remember NHTSA's beloved backwards bike. (wasn't it on the cover of CYCLE?)

Ahhh, the Carter years...America's best EX president...and I'm a GA boy.

And Saint Joan is still out there..feeding offa the government teat.
My Wyoming friend is now packing .50 cal Barnett - made a couple of hrs up the road in Murphysboro, Tn. - for "plinking". He retired the 7mm Mag and hunts with a .45-70.

Big calibers rule. As does my beloved Blackhawk in .41mag(thx Elmer Keith!)
I'll be sitting on the edge of my chair and holding my breath for you to tell me where the Chinee are going to recycle those dollars we send.

And the deficit is shrinking and tax receipts are growing - fast. And non wage tax receipts are growing even faster.

Tell us what that means.

The end is near!
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No, sorry. My high school sweetie was an accordion player as was here Dad. Hint: that was very, very strange in suburban ATL in the late 60's & early 70s.

The "Accordion Repair" and "E. Frank Nerkhauser" are from the great Bruce McCall's book ZANY AFTERNOONS. I took them from the chapter entitled "Popular WorkBench - Written so even YOU can understand".

Sorry to get your hopes up. Good luck with accordion repair.

"I Quit, Boss! There's Plenty More Money These Days in ACCORDION REPAIR". Just send $500 in cash for handbook & free harmonica to THE HOW OF ACCORDIONS, Dept 0001, Buffalo, NY.

E. Frank was relating the story of Dr. Fang's attempt to link the Ammonia People of Pluto to the Pyramid builders by radio...or something.
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I have yet to see it. His brother reports to me that recoil is not too bad. But it costs about $4/round to shoot.

I'm headed out to Cody, WY next year. IF I remember, I'll report in.
Re: Still using the credit card.

Supply side is new name for classic economics.

See Mundell, Wanniski, etc.
Re: Still using the credit card.

Whatever, kiddiekook. Whatever.
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