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Sportbikes Vs. Lawmakers

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Lawmakers have already gone up against motorcycles. Janklow 1, motorcyclist 0
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The MORON that suggest graduated licensing is dead on for the sake of our sport. The the real problem is not the gov't or the manufaturers- it's the insurance industry. They are going to have enough of this speed stuff and start black balling sportbikes like they black balled the homemade bike industry. As a motorcycle insurance specialtist, I have watched the last 5 years spiral out of control in the sportbike industry. Now, we can place blame on who ever you want but it comes down to two groups that really are causing this mess. Group 1 is the race industry. They clamor for more speed because they use it on the track. However, most of the supersport and superstock bikes that are on the track remain virtually unchanged in the motor department. Group 2 is the media. These guys are paid to test bikes to the limit but with that they claim to need more. More of everything- speed, control/feel, braking but for what? Hell, 90% of the riders out there have NO idea how to properly operate a sportbike. But the media says "It needs a little_______(fill in the blank). So, MORONs when do we tell the motorcycle industry that the bikes are fast enough and to work on all the other aspects of the bike for control reasons. Or do you let "Big Brother" step in and screw it up for the rest of us.
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There's really no arguement here. I just feel that eventually the insurance industry is going to kill off the sportbike market because there is no self-restraint from the bike industry and the motorags, in a sense, encourage the manufacturers to push a little more every year. Eventually, the door is going to close on the insurance end. Then what are we going to do? Guys (& Gals), this is how I make my living and if we close out an entire segment of bikes (again, like the special construction bikes) then I will be looking for a new career. I like what I do. I'm probably the only insurance agency in GA (maybe the Southeast) that really is dedicated to the motorsports insurance market. It'd suck to start over after 5 years of building this buisness.
Some (ok, most) of this insurance agenies make pretty good scratch when they sell all lines of coverage. My agency is focused in a very narrow segment because that's what I know and love. Therefore, after 5 years of busting butt I can confidently say "I'm still poor" but things are better every year. The big picture is that at 15% of premium you gotta sellllllllllll or you eat PB&J way more than you's like.
1 - 3 of 118 Posts
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