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Um yeah.... The "vast majority" of fatal accidents is not youth and exuberence but old age and slower reflexes,(i.e. baby boomers returning to the sport and wanting to pick up where they left off, large displacment cruisers I see them come into my shop wrecked all the time. There will always be young guys hurting themselves doing foolish things but those numbers have not really changed over the years. But the babyboomers coming back in after a 10, 20, or even 30 year absense from the sport and buying one of my cruisers that makes 100 hp and more than 100 lb/ft of torque are what scare me because alot of them want to "show-up those snot nosed kids" and end up getting themselves hurt or worse. As much as I can see the reasoning for a tiered license program I think it would be a detriment to the sport in this country with the all or nothing mentallity of most people. I try to encourage new or returning riders to start small and almost always get the same reponse. "I can handle it, or I not riding a girls bike" So I think if we have had a tiered system alot of people would choose to buy a powerful sports car instead of a bike. So I say let Darwin do his work.
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