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Sportbikes Vs. Lawmakers

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Lawmakers have already gone up against motorcycles. Janklow 1, motorcyclist 0
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OK, so if we regulate the bikes top speed both legally and mechanically, I should expect a 155mph limit? (Same as many high-performance cars)

That would be sweet, my Multistrada can't do that now. I think with the 14 tooth counter sprocket it's only good for 129mph.(just a guess)

Seriously, It will not make a difference, there is not an alarming rate of fatalities due to people riding at 160. I think the problem is the roll on from 50-100 and things get out of hand quicker than expected. I think it is the "quick and the dead" not the "fast and the dead." And there is nothing anyone can do to prevent our chosen toys from being quick.
I wouldn't call it a report, however, we did have some "mention" of riders re-entering the motorcycle game after a long layoff in the local news.(N.CA)

The opinion:

Older rider w/disposable income(finally) decides he will take up motorcycling again.(Harley) Relearning basic skills on a 600+lb. motorcycle is not as forgiving as the 305cc's were in college.

It is a mass, handling, braking, experience combo that seems like a bad idea to me. My bank's president bought his first bike a couple of years ago.(Harley, wrecked) My buddy across the street got his kids through school and promptly bought his very first bike. Ultra-dropped. And scary to watch in motion.

I hear about more accidents involving 45-60yr olds on their new cruisers than any other age/bike combo.
I wasn't arguing there was a report. I just saw the same avenue being persued in the media.

In my personal opinion it's a bad combo.

I couldn't read the rest of the comment, but 185 with a stunt sprocket? I'm thinking 15% isn't even close.
1 - 4 of 118 Posts
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