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Nope, there is not a person that can argue that they NEED a 180 mph bike. There aren't any places that you can legally ride that fast nor does any one have a NEED to get somewhere so badly that they need to travel 3 times the legal speed limit. Having said that, everytime the government regulates something like this, a small piece of america and the freedom we love, dies. The whole reason I think most of us love to ride is the freedom we feel. It's also the same reason I love my country and would gladly die to protect that freedom. No one has the right to ride a motorcycle anything over the legal speed limit, just as with a car. I personally don't think the government has any place telling us what speed a bike should be capable of. They have speed limits to regulate how fast we go. They shouldn't regulate speed limiters or HP on bikes. No matter what they make the regulation 100, 125, 155, can be assured that someone will be going exactly that fast. So please, don't ban sportbikes, or 2000cc engines, or 185 HP 400 lb bikes. Continue to do the best you can enforcing the driving laws and place stronger punishments on those that choose to break them and break them multiple times.
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