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Sportbikes Vs. Lawmakers

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Lawmakers have already gone up against motorcycles. Janklow 1, motorcyclist 0
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You get no argument from me. I've never felt deprived on motorcycles with less than 100 hp.

But, this is America, man. It's not just the bikers. People buy .44mags when a .38+P is more than sufficient. Look at the car mags. Same thing. As if 250hp isn't enough in a 2,500 pound sedan.
There's really no arguement here. I just feel that eventually the insurance industry is going to kill off the sportbike market because there is no self-restraint from the bike industry and the motorags, in a sense, encourage the manufacturers to push a little more every year. Eventually, the door is going to close on the insurance end. Then what are we going to do? Guys (& Gals), this is how I make my living and if we close out an entire segment of bikes (again, like the special construction bikes) then I will be looking for a new career. I like what I do. I'm probably the only insurance agency in GA (maybe the Southeast) that really is dedicated to the motorsports insurance market. It'd suck to start over after 5 years of building this buisness.
yeah that's why John Ulrich bought like a `78 GS1000 or whatever it was and kept it in the crate. They weren't gonna get any faster than that...

Mmm, i think the jig will be up when we run out of gas. What? I thought insurance guys were like mortgage brokers. Faster bike? Higher price? O yes sir, we'll be happy to accommodate you... sign here...
Unfortunately you are right. I remember talking to some woman's boyfriend and he was going on and on about buying a 50 cal Desert Eagle.

Why? Cuz it was "badass" ignoring the fact that it's nearly a 10lbs handgun with feeding problems and inconsistent accuracy.

Although my Ruger Redhawk in 44mag is fun. In magnum on a hot day my accuracy sucks ass, but I can maintain pretty good accuracy with the specials.

But nothing beats a .22 for all day plinking fun! Rifle or handgun...

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The phenomenon of anyone being able to qualify for a loan for anything is propped up by a few shaky pyramid pillars that will eventually collapse. When the Chinese stop pumping money into our economy by buying dollars, even worse, when they start calling in those dollars and the Fed starts printing even more to buy Yen to pay them back, when the collapse of the dollar deflates housing prices and slaps the brakes on our voracious consumption economy, when borrowers and then lenders start going bankrupt in droves, when interest rates go through the roof, all this will come to an end. Debt cannot be inflated out of existence forever.

When you're only able to buy a sportbike with gold coins and bullion, you won't have to worry about shortsighted, irresponsible kids running around on them.

Government manipulation can only sustain market imbalances for so long. One way or another, the market will correct these, in due time, and the larger the imbalances, the more painful the correction.
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Well said Dude... I think I said the same thing months ago in one of my rants against W and his irresponsible fiscal policy.. Don't worry the dollar will fall and what's left of our manufacturing base along with our farmers will bail us exporting record levels of goods...
History shows us that freedom is very seldom what soldiers die for. The United States is no exception. Iraqis are arguably no more free than they were under Saddam, and we are demonstrably less so.

If motorcycles are restricted to a certain speed or power it will be but a drop in a swimming pool of abuse of far more fundamental rights.
George W is but the latest and greatest in a long line of central-planning, establishment, economy manipulators including FDR, Nixon, and Greenspan.

The irresponsibility lies in the belief that it is the government's responsibility to regulate, subsidize, or eliminate private and voluntary transactions of any kind whatsoever, as well as artificially regulate the value of currency by eliminating ties to commodity. This didn't start with W.
How can such things be happening with conservative Republicans in complete control of the federal government? Don't they stand for fiscal responsibility. Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I am going to buy a CBR600RR and keep it in the crate.
How can such things be happening with conservative Republicans in complete control of the federal government?

Good question as serasuzawa says they all are jerks...I never thought that would happen as someone who used to vote Republican more often than not.. I better stop right here cause my wife is a big W fan...She likes his 'values'
Some (ok, most) of this insurance agenies make pretty good scratch when they sell all lines of coverage. My agency is focused in a very narrow segment because that's what I know and love. Therefore, after 5 years of busting butt I can confidently say "I'm still poor" but things are better every year. The big picture is that at 15% of premium you gotta sellllllllllll or you eat PB&J way more than you's like.
Hoo boy... you owe me for a new bull$hit meter. THAT story just pegged it and busted the needle right off

*** ***

"I remember talking with a co-worker that was a BIG environmentalist. We were driving to lunch and we were talking about cars and she said "you know, if I could afford one, I’d by one of those Hummers."

Now this was a few years ago, so she wasn’t pointing to the new H3. We’re talking the older Hummers that get 10-12 miles to the gallon.

I told her "how could this be? They were just ranked as one of the worst environmental autos out on the road?!"

And she said, "Yeah, but if I was the only one aloud to have one it would be OK, since I know more about the environment than most people. I am more capable and responsible."

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i like, where it's pointed out this a.m. that we've managed to Politicize fiscal policy, ie, we're willing to screw the economy long term if it makes us electable again short term. makes sense.

interesting to note that latest explosion in moto HP sort of coincides with some other bubbles. anybody got Ural ticker symbol?
Both sides of the fence are nothing more than con artist and brutal thieves. BOTH sides. We should expect more than the string of used car salesmen we get for politicians. If both sides had their way, everything would be banned and we'd have [email protected] all to do on the weekend. We would be just as screwed up right now if Gore or Kerry or McCain were running the ship.

Sure Gore and Kerry would say different things, but would anything actually change? Yes, I know, in some peoples’ eyes everything was daffodils and tulips when Clinton was parked in the Whitehouse but the better economy had more to do with that particular time than it ever did with who we elected. China still hated us. The French thought we were dumb thugs and the controlling Arab world still hated us. Our foreign policies did start and end with Repubs.

No matter who is elected next, just expect more of the same. As a social group we are just dumb enough to keep advancing. If we were any smarter or dumber everything would come to a screeching halt.

The Democrats suck, I’m voting Republican….no, wait, the Republicans suck now! Gotta vote Democrat.

Sorry, they both suck. They both want your money. They both want to ban everything you get any pleasure out of.

So bicker back and forth about red states and blue states, in the end your tax dollars are still wasted, people will still hate us, the poor will still be poor, the rich will still be looked upon as greedy trolls and 200 years from now none of this will even register as footnote in history…but people will still be b!tching about whatever party is in the Whitehouse.

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well, if we're all too mentally lazy to distinguish betw. what benefits the US and what harms it we get what we deserve. All of us. I'm sure W's idea to invade iraq, even against the advice of his own father and many others with much more experience, has nothing to do with the price of oil, US debt levels, etc, and certainly Kerry would've pursued the same strategy. No difference. And a cat is really the same as a dog, they both are covered in fur and eat and serve no real purpose.
Ok, her name was Kim MaHoney. She worked at KnowledgeNet in AZ. By "big environmentalist" I didn't mean she was some top level jackass at the Sierra Club, just meant she was big into saving the environment.

And apart from me laughing hysterically during the conversation followed by here cussing me out for making fun of her, that conversation was pretty much verbatim.

So yeah, you busted me real good, cupcake. Cuz that story would have made me soooo ef'in cool that I worked with such a tool.

Carl Rowan was Washington based and I believe his "home paper" was the Post. You were reading him in syndication.

I recall the event pretty much as you do. If I remember correctly he may have shot one of the kids.

I don't think Rowan ever faced any of the sanctions us normal folks would have given what happened.

Not only do I remember "Komrade Klaybrookski" but I also remember NHTSA's beloved backwards bike. (wasn't it on the cover of CYCLE?)

Ahhh, the Carter years...America's best EX president...and I'm a GA boy.

And Saint Joan is still out there..feeding offa the government teat.
My Wyoming friend is now packing .50 cal Barnett - made a couple of hrs up the road in Murphysboro, Tn. - for "plinking". He retired the 7mm Mag and hunts with a .45-70.

Big calibers rule. As does my beloved Blackhawk in .41mag(thx Elmer Keith!)
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