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Sportbikes Vs. Lawmakers

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Lawmakers have already gone up against motorcycles. Janklow 1, motorcyclist 0
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I'll be sitting on the edge of my chair and holding my breath for you to tell me where the Chinee are going to recycle those dollars we send.

And the deficit is shrinking and tax receipts are growing - fast. And non wage tax receipts are growing even faster.

Tell us what that means.

The end is near!
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Yep have to agree even George Sr. described the Reagan like fiscal policy that W is doing as Vodoo Economics...Remember when George Sr. raises taxes to start balancing the balance. He did the right thing but got killed in the process. Clinton was a shrewd politician and continued the march to a balanced budget. One thing that Browing Bar has backwards is that the economy doesn't control the fiscal budget situation. i.e. he has cause and effect reversed. Gov through fiscal policy and monetary policy control the economy since it is a man made thing. i.e there are no such things as natural business cycles. The cycles are caused by changes in government fiscal or monetary policy. Mother nature doesn't make a good economy ...i.e it doesn't just happen Many bush supporters always say that the 90s boom happened by accident. They are dead wrong good fiscal and monetary policy created the boom. no vice versa... Econ 101 lesson for day Red Staters.
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Still using the credit card.

Gas Prices rising, starting to cause prices to rise through out the economy, interest rates rising, massive government borrowing crowding out private investment. Yep a boom is coming maddog. Reaganomics (supply side econ) doesn't work. Right now things look great cause W is still using the credit card to pay the rent, etc. Just like individuals who get in over their head credit wise. When W reaches his credit limit.. Then dollar will fall fast causing imported goods prices to rise. Gasoline prices will rise cause the OPEC countries will figure out the dollar is worth less, thus causing another rise in costs to produce .. It's a viscious cycle called the 80s all over again.. i.e Vodoo economics. The government will then debase the currency by inflating the hell out of the money supply.
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The problem is not the size of the ship, it is the motion of the ocean. Or what is more deadly, a 22 Cal. or a 44 Magnum?

It is all in the hands of the user and the ammounts of training he, she has had.

For example in today's Arizona Republic there is a report about a 29 year old "popping wheelies and speeding" in traffic, and eventually hitting a car with his 2005 Yamaha and dying. Of course he was exercising his right to ride without a helmet while he was being an irresponsible piece of crap. Long live Darwin!

The best thing we can do is to support the AMA and the Blue Ribbon Coalition so they can keep on fighting for our rights against the ever present danger of Big Brother or Sister as the case might be!
Oh yeah, I agree.

MY comment about the Desert eagle was more gun quality than anything else.

How was the Barnett? I've never had the opportunity to shoot one.

I can't remember, but there are several .50 cal rifles out there in that style; was this the sigle shot bolt action, mag well, or semi-auto?

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Hey, can you get 10 round mags. for the magnum caliber BARs? I looked at one in .338, but figured that with a 3 round magazine, what was the point? My issue was that for defence against really big game, like Alaskan brown bears, if your shooting is off because you just crapped yourself when surprised by a 1,400 pound monster, have a nice 10 round magazine would be pretty sweet for breaking that thing down.

For reference, I have bolt .375 for heavy stuff, but I have a small preference for semi-auto, and a large magazine mid-magnum rifle seems like a cool idea.

Most people I've known who have BARs are pretty into them, so I figured I'd just toss this out there.
I can't say for sure. Everything I've seen and read has led me to "no", but I am not an owner of a modern BAR, though. Any semi-auto rifle deemed for hunting is mighty difficult getting/locating hi-cap mags.

I originally started with the name when I began reading up on the original BrowningBAR when I was looking to purchase one. I ended up with a Browning1919 belt-fed instead. Not that it's better than the original BAR, it's just that my "oh, that looks like fun" portion of my brain took over when I saw the 1919.

My collection is varied but has more to do with target over hunting.

Don't recall saying I was a Bush supporter...wait, let me check...yep, never voted for him.

Also, philly is now a red state? I had no idea.

So are you saying without the dot com and techno advancements we still would have had a boom?

Yes..Go look at the number of actual .com jobs vs other jobs added back then... Also the favorable credit market (venture capital not competing with govt borrowing) helped make the dotcom boom. Don't confuse cause and effect...
In the state I reside in, Florida, there is no law that requires the purchaser of a motorcycle to even show a license in order to take delivery of a motorcycle - any motorcycle!

Most of the young riders start their conversation out with "What's the fastest bike you have in your dealership?" They typically look at the liter class bikes. Do they know how to ride? They don't have any experience, no license, but you can still sell them a motorcycle.

With the increasing number of sportbikes that have a huge 'hit' in the upper rpm range, these young folks don't have a chance. They ride the bike for a couple of miles, see it's not as awesome as they have heard and then decide to 'whack the throttle open!' Before the words, "Oh My God" can come out of their mouths, they are hurtling down the road faster then they could ever imagine and most of them are headed to disaster!

A friend of mine is in law enforcement here. He estimates that about 40% of all motorcycle riders are properly licensed. That leaves 60% without a license - I wonder how many that is without any organized training on how to ride a motorcycle?

Would be an interesting thing to find out!

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Re: Still using the credit card.

"Supply side econ" or Reaganomics seems to be a buzzword intended to discredit the policy of allowing tax reductions for everybody including the rich, an entirely legitimate one. The problem lies in not similarily reducing taxes on the poor, and simultaneously eliminating the rob-peter-to-pay-paul welfare/warfare spending state. Get rid of 95% of the federal and state government machine, "defense" included (why is it the 'department of defense' when all the action is offense???), and reclaim our limited-government republic soul, and whatever economy free citizens decide to have will work just fine.

That is, until some politician starts scaring people into thinking there is another crisis that only government coercion can avert.
I read a report a few years ago that the largest percentage of accidents were occuring on Harley cruisers! It seems that when Harleys go trndy, newcomers wanted to be seen on them. Its the new rider issue, those first few years of experience are crucial. So the statistics show that SLOW bikes are more dangerous! Gotta do something about that! How about mandatory minimum horsepwer!
Alaskan Brown Bear? Get an FN-FAL and load it with the hottest loads you can get w/20 mags. Or get a .50 Barrett.

Or just take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
Re: Still using the credit card.

Hey I am with you I agree.. But the problem with supply side as it was executed by Reagan Admin was this notion that you didn't have to reduce government spending. That there was this magical tax rate (remember the Laffer curve) that would be like a resonant frequency in electronics that would create the largest tax revenue. That didn't happen... When I said George Sr. did the right thing by raising taxes I meant he did the right thing by balancing the budget. The best thing would of been to reduce spending as well. Hey I am not a fan of the current tax system. I think a flat tax rate is best with a min income...
Good choice! I was gonna recomend that, but some members of the hunting community get insulted by recomending a "military type weapon".

The FN-FALs have better mags than the AR-10 and the mags are cheaper. You can also get 30 and 40 rounders.

I'd recomend a caddy for the Barrett!

Well said. Excellent points... I am starting to view things the same way (not callous but realistic)...
How about posting that report. I have never read anything that said that, and I have read every report out there.
Since you are 'safety-minded' why are you riding a motorcycle? Sounds like you are kinda mixed up. Not sure we really want you breeding either.
Oh for crying out loud, no government is going to get involved with this. Look at the weeping, hysteria, screaming and gnashing of teeth over mandatory helmet laws -- and that's the biggest no-brainer there is.

If states wanted to get serious about reducing moto fatalities, they'd adopt Euro-style tiered licensing (after mandatory helmets.)
I'm thinking we have plenty of government regulation right now. Maybe even too much. No way I'd agree that the gov't should ban 165 MPH sport bikes just because I don't want one - that's only one step in the road toward banning 20-year-old, 60 HP Beemers which, to my knowledge, have never annoyed anybody (except, maybe, their owners).

Why, in fact, should the gov't ban any voluntary activity that doesn't directly affect others? This is AMERICA, for goshsakes - land of the FREE!

Wanna' ride your Hyabusa at 165 mph? OK! Wanna' crash your Hyabusa into the back of an old lady in a Buick? Not OK! Wanna' smoke crack? OK! Wanna' steal my motorcycle to finance your crack habit? Not OK! Wanna' suck down a Bud while you're driving down the highway? OK! Wanna' get drunk and run your SUV through a crowd? Not OK!

See the difference?

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